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Challenges Faced by Students Studying Abroad and Ways to Overcome it

Home Blog Challenges Faced by Students Studying Abroad and Ways to Overcome it

Being a student is a challenge but the bigger challenge is being an international student.
A student studying in his or her home country does not face many problems as faced by a student who is studying in a different country.
Though you will have more opportunities than ever before if you are studying abroad. You will get to meet new people, learn new things, and explore new places. That is why it is always suggested to consider all these opportunities if you are getting one.
It is true that you have to face some challenges problems but there are always some ways to overcome them.

Following are some of the challenge that you might face while studying abroad:

1.    You are not aware of the language
You will face this problem every time you move to a country that doesn’t speak your language. There are some chances that you will know enough to get by most of the times but if you are not completely fluent, you will definitely feel left out or isolated.
A student from Fiona Masters said, “It’s a common feeling. I have found the best thing to do is to brush up on your skills before you travel. Don’t be afraid to ask people to repeat themselves, too, as mostly they will be willing to help you out.”
What you can do is to avail some online help like English Homework Help that can help you with your assignments and homework.

2.    Your devices are not functioning properly
Imagine your new day in a completely new and different country. You have reached your accommodation, have unpacked all your things, and then find some time to inform your family that you have reached safely. But, your devices are not charged and also you are not able to plug them in as there are some differences in the outlets of the walls. But the best thing is that you can easily avoid this problem. Make sure that, before getting on the flight, all your devices are charged. Also, carry the required adapters that can be used universally. By stocking up now, you can save yourself from a lot of troubles later on.

3.    You have carried the wrong things with yourself
You have brought all your things halfway across the world. But what if after reaching your destination, you find that you don’t need more than half of the things. It is definitely disheartening. All the useless stuff will take up space and then you have to carry it back with you. You can avoid this problem by checking in advance what things will be provided to you within your accommodation. You need not carry a kettle with you if, one is already there in your kitchen.

4.    You are struggling in the class
Transitioning to a university is difficult for most of the students. It is expected from you that you participate more in class and take up more responsibilities. Attending classes in a second language can be a huge and difficult task.
The solution is to find people who you think can provide the necessary assistance.
You can take help from your classmates who belong to that very country or you may also ask your teachers. You can also avail some kind of homework help which can make studying less stressful for you.

5.    You feel homesick
Sooner or later, you will feel homesick if you are living and studying abroad. As you are far away from your family members and friends, you may sometimes feel to hop on an airplane and get back home. Prepare yourself before it happens. Talking to another student who feels exactly like you can help to a great extent. Setting up trips to home is also a good idea. This way you will have something to look forward to when it becomes too much.

6.    You are feeling tight in terms of budget
If you are studying abroad, money can become an issue for you. It takes some time for you to get used to the exchange rate. You may get a surprise as you have to sometimes pay three times too more for an item. The best thing is to make a budget and then stick to it. Saving your money, in the beginning, can help you in unforeseen situations. Find an application related to the conversion of currency and then check how much you are exactly paying before actually paying.
These are some of the challenges that mostly all the international student faces. Prepare all the things in advance and get yourself ready when any of the problems strike.