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Diet Plan to Keep Your Brain Sharp During Exams

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The eating disorder is common in today’s students due to the pressure of studies, a tension of exams and some other excitements. Sometimes, when students live away from their parents especially their mother, they find nobody else to take proper care of their diet and this problem the result in a bad diet that is not good for performing well in exams.

Students, please be informed that studying merely is not enough to get good grades in your exams as your healthy physical and mental condition also play a vital role in your success. Thus, do your studies properly for sure, but don’t ignore your diet for this.

Let’s understand why proper diet is required for a student and how you can improve your diet with a proper plan:

Start of the Day with Healthy Breakfast:

This headline can bring a smile on your face thinking you used to skip your breakfast daily. Well, if you do so, then this information can amaze you with the importance of breakfast in your life.

There is a certain gap between your breakfast and lunch and this is the time when people use to work with extra energy and that energy comes from the food we eat in the morning. But, if you are working hard without having breakfast in the morning, then you are playing with your health.

However, it is required to begin your day with a healthy meal that can provide required power or energy for performing well in your work.

For a healthy breakfast, you need to add proper protein, vitamins and calcium in your meal. For that, you can start your day eating something like toast with butter, omelette, cereals or oats with a glass of fruit juice or milk.

Take A Snack Break:

Most of the dieticians suggest eating less but more often. Eating on three particular times is required, but this strict habit can be a cause of over hunger and overeating. Thus, a small snack break between studies can keep you active throughout the day as well as keeps you from overeating.

For a small snack break, you can keep snacks like, dry fruits, chips, boiled eggs, vegetable sandwich and fruit salad with you.

Drinking Enough Water:

Staying hydrated is a key to a healthy body and mind. Students, just fit one routine in your daily life, e.g. not forgetting to drink plenty of water. Minimum 3 litres of water intake is required for an individual to take in one day.

To stay hydrated all the day it is suggested to start your day drinking two glasses of water. You can also keep a water bottle with you to drink water easily while studying. Eating fruits and vegetables having rich water content, like watermelon, melon, pomegranate, cucumber, etc. can also complete the need of water in the human body.

Avoid More Caffeine Intake:

If you think having a cup of coffee after an hour can help you concentrating on your studies, then you are wrong. Probably it can be a temporary solution for staying awake, but it is providing harm to your body for a long run. A high intake of caffeine can make you addict and can be a cause of several health issues such as acidity, heart problem, insomnia, sugar and ulcer.

It doesn’t mean you should say a clear no to your coffee as one small cup of coffee maximum twice a day is enough. But, avoid getting addicted to it. If you feel a need of similar beverages, then you can go for healthy beverages such as, green tea, milk, juices and smoothie, etc.

Avoid Eating Outside More Often:

The habit of eating outside with friends and exploring new taste during college time doesn’t need much explanation. As almost every student has his/her own circle with whom doing parties visiting near around restaurants is a common thing. But, these foods can increase your anxiety level that already remains high during exam time.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended to avoid eating outside, especially before a few weeks of your exams. If you still feel a need of eating something interesting, then you can choose alternatives of those foods. Yes, you can have baked chips, simple flavoured cakes, yoghurt, custard, popcorn and toast, etc. just for the sake to change your taste.

So, hope you are clear with the concept of a healthy diet to keep your brain sharp during exam days.