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Essays involve facts and objectives. The thoughts and ideas can be communicated in a simple and clear manner that is possible through the essays. An essay is an effort to enhance the knowledge of the readers, rather than the imagination. You might think if there are techniques that would help make your essays more interesting and original.

Following are some of the points that will help you make your essay creative and appealing.

  • Think about your reader

One of the most important considerations while concentrating on the essay writing is the readers. You must know the audience you are writing for. Writing for the audience is only one thing to keep them interested is another. There are different kinds of readers and so they want the essays according to their needs.

Following are some different types of readers and what needs to be written for them:

  • Teachers or university lecturers- the teachers and the university lecturers are the ones who will be marking your essays, hence, you need to answer the question in an effective way.
  • Teachers have set the question- it is very important for you to know the way you are going to attempt the answer. It is better to be original and unpredictable.
  • Teachers have to read many other responses to the same question- the teachers might get bored while reading the content related to the same topic, therefore you need to write the content that will surely keep the reader interested.

Creative writing is all about holding the interest of the students. there might be some lessons and techniques that need to be known and applied while writing an essay.

  • An attention-grabbing opening

It is always suggested to use an attention-grabbing opening. The excitement of reading rises when the beginning is done with a flashback. Events and situations are created that directly take the readers to the focus of the action, which makes the story to start with eagerness. Therefore, the opening is a major thing that seeks the attention of the reader.

  • Extended Metaphors

If you want to make your essay a creative one, it is best to make extended use of the metaphors. A metaphor is a kind of correspondence which makes the similarities in creative writing strong. Metaphors help in creating strong examples related to the topic of the essay. Hence, it has a really good impact on the readers.

  • Editing

Once, you have written the first draft of the essay, read it again and find out whether what you have written actually makes some sense. Edit the essay if you feel the need to do so. Make changes and alterations in the content you wrote. Find out if the matter is in the sequential order and not haphazard. Once the editing has been done, check thoroughly and don’t forget to go through the spellings and grammar.

  • Now finally… record your ideas

Now, simply take a notebook and pen and begin to jot down your ideas in the form of an essay. Write your essays with full dedication and focus. Ensure that the matter is factual. Don’t make a mistake to skip the proofreading. Proofread and make necessary corrections

These tips can help the students to write the essays that make a good first impression. For the students living in USA, Essay Writing Help is available to write quality essays.