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8 Quick and Easy Tips for Making New Friends at University

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Friends are life! Parting from them is never on the list. Mostly it happens when you move from school to university and not all our friends can go along with us in the same university and opt the same course. It is time we feel down in the mouth and worry about making new friends at the new place. But here is good news. Making new friends is not that difficult as you think. It becomes easy when you find all the other students sailing in the same boat. It the fact that not all the boats are the same but this article will help you with a whole bunch of tips and tricks in easing the process of making new friends.

  1. Befriend social media first-

Social media will be your first friend at a new place. ‘Put your detective caps’ on and check out others around you on social media platforms.

What you would do is first reach the university page on Facebook, find who else has taken up the same course, living in the same hostels. The next step is diving into their other social media profiles and know if you can reach them. It could sound creepy to you, but it works. It’s not only you who would be doing this, so get your phones and start searching.

  1. Go for sports-

Joining sports clubs or any other clubs will help you in finding people in accord. Striking a conversation becomes easy in such a situation. Choose one and kick-start finding new friends and enjoy your college life.

  1. Never miss Frosh-

Go to Frosh no matter you like it or not. It is one of the best opportunities as the entire class is divided into groups opting the same course. So, all the students tend to experience the same and talking to each other becomes easy. Another advantage of attending such fun events is that you get a break from your academic routine and get time to find the best essay writing service as well in the meantime and get your work done by experts.

  1. Talk more-

You get more than 100 opportunities in a week to strike up a conversation. What holds us is the discomfort in doing so. You can apply the trick of sitting beside new classmate every day. You have multiple lectures in a well, and this will help you in getting a bunch of chances in fulfilling your desire and comforting them as well. But if you notice that another person is not that interested in talking to you, despite all your efforts, then you should make a shift toward others.

  1. Online Forum can help you-

Participating in an online forum is a way out when you are not that confident to reach the people face to face. Introverts can be found sharing their issues on different problems. Connect to them on school-designated Facebook groups, chat groups on Kik, Reddit forums. This will pave the way for your new friendship.

  1. Come together for lunch-

Budding friendship can lead to open communication by partaking together. It can lead to improvement of relationships among the students. Sharing food and some ideas on the current affairs can give a kick-start to the friendship wheel.

  1. Be helpful to your classmates-

It can write your first page of friendship. Offer them help. It can be in any form, whether a pen or guidance to the right room for the next lecture. If you stay in the hostel, then at times when your roomie feels homesick or is stressed, cheering him/her with some songs and movies can bag you their friendship.

  1. Decorate your room-

Make your room look nice. This attracts hostel-mates and invites them to your room. People will come in and talk to you to appreciate you. Everyone is new to the college and the hostel, so everyone has the same need and desire of making new friends. So, just one step in this direction can change everything and ease the things for you.

These are the 8 quick and easy methods which you can use for making new friends.