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8 Tips to Write a Dissertation

What is a Dissertation?

It is academic writing concerned with thorough research. The students who have to write a dissertation to attain a Ph.D. degree. It is lengthy and extended writing on a specific research topic. Writing it is not an easy task, as it needs prior research and in-depth study of related components of the study, then create a thesis, make dissertation outline, etc. A dissertation topic is the choice of a student; he or she can choose the topic of their choice.

Students can choose to research a proposed statement or question and write about their findings in the study document. It is important as it has the maximum value and importance in a student’s life. If it is for your Ph.D. degree, then it becomes essential that you present it in the correct manner. If you are unable to write it efficiently, then you can take dissertation writing help and thereby achieve good results.

Types of dissertation

Dissertation are of various types; they are:

• Empirical dissertation – The dissertations that require gathering the data from different sources comes under empirical dissertations. One has to follow their academic principles relating to the respective subject while collecting the data. This data is usually gathered from the public. For example, in psychology gathering data from the public to find out if the proposed theory is true or will it work efficiently, etc. Depending on the research dissertation outline is created and then written.

• Non-empirical dissertation – Non-empirical dissertations are those that do not include collecting information from others, in this the research is conducted studying the existing arguments and theories. Other people’s work is studied and examined. It involves going through a lot of books and critically analyzing their work. Once also have to find out whether the theory has practical implementations and how well they can help in it. The findings collected are used to create a thesis and dissertation outline.

Tips to Write a Dissertation

A dissertation is complex writing and you may require help, in that case, do not hesitate to reach out for help. Here are eight tips that you can use to write it.

1. Search and research a topic – The first and foremost step while a dissertation is the selection of a topic. Students are free to choose the topic of their interest. If you have something in your mind that you wish to examine, then you can go for it. However, if you are not sure about the topic or don’t have one, you can search online and take an idea from there. Once, a topic is selected, analyze it thoroughly and jot down all the points and sources roughly. Then examine these points one by one and depending on their relevancy add them in the research.

2. Develop a thesis statement – Create a strong statement for a thesis. Like the brain is the main part of the body, a thesis statement is the main part of the research. Your thesis should justify and specify your study. It should not be vague and irrelevant to the research. Keep some specific time for deciding a thesis, don’t rush things, take your time and come up with a strong and compelling statement. If you face trouble, then you can take cheap dissertation writing services online.  

3. Structure of the dissertation – Properly structuring such documents is essential to maintain a flow. The format is usually given to the students and they have to make the document according to it. You can also search online – how to make a dissertation outline. Usually, it contains abstract, research questions, literature review, chapters, references or bibliography, etc. The length of the document also depends on the subject and topic. For undergraduates its length is usually within 12,000, for postgraduates, the length is 20,000-30,000 and for Ph.D. it is 50,000 or more.

4. Time management – Managing the time is required for writing a dissertation. As a lot of research is to be conducted, it becomes important for the students to manage their time. You must start researching some months ago for writing such a document. Plenty of time helps in bringing effectiveness, efficiency, and accuracy in the paper. After analyzing the work thoroughly create the dissertation outline, then start writing it.

5. Pay attention to tenses – Don’t make any grammatical mistakes in the research document and keeping checking the tone and tenses used in it. Although, it is quite a time-consuming process to read all the things again. You can write some parts and read them, then again write and read. It will help in completing both the work in time.

6. Write in a professional language – It is high-level academic writing and must contain only professional language. If you use informal language or indecisive words, then it will not be the right decision and will make your document poor and weak. Do not use words like “maybe” or “probably”, etc. Mention all the challenges and limitations in your theory.

7. Cite sources properly – Providing or citing references is a significant factor in such academic writing. It is also time consuming, to save time, you can jot down the references as you search for information. If you note down the points and later keep searching for its source will be difficult and waste a lot of time. Therefore, along with making a dissertation outline, don’t forget to list the references.

8. Proofread – Proofreading is done to rectify the errors that were overlooked earlier. While writing we tend to make mistakes and are not recognizable but once you reread your document again, you will notice and find out the errors. Once you find such errors correct them right away.

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