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Everything You Need to Know About Causal Essays

What is a Causal Essay?

Let’s understand what is a causal essay. A causal essay is a type of cause and effect essay. It answers the ‘why’ questions. Why something happens? Why it is caused? What are the effects? These types of questions are answered in a causal essay.

A topic (usually a problem) is carefully chosen, then the problem is examined, the causes, effects and results are discussed in an essay. You can search for examples online and incase, you do not have time to write your essay or some other problem you can buy cheap essay help online.

Why is Causal Essay Used?

A causal essay conducts an analysis on a particular problem. It investigates the problem carefully and enlightens the readers with an in - depth knowledge about a specific problem. It also looks after the consequences that can occur due to the problem. For instances, you can write a causal essay on global warming? – what is the reason that leads to global warming? What impact it has on society and what all consequences can happen? How can you prevent it? Similarly, you can also choose some other problems that are related to either social issues or environmental problems or any political issues/ problems, etc. Go through the definition and example of cause and effect online, use it as reference.

Structure of a Causal essay

Before starting to write an essay, do some research on a topic if it is not provided by your instructor. Once you choose the subject you will write essay about research on that subject too. Once you are done with it you can start with your essay writing. You must avoid making mistakes while writing an essay. Structure of your essay must include the following:


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• Organize – Once you are done with research it is important to organize the data first. You will see that many websites online may display this step in between but it should be among the initial steps. You need to organize the data and develop an outline for your essay first. Then craft the essay on the basis of this outline.

• Heading – The next step will be to title your essay. Your title must be – Eye catchy, brief, accurate, believable, etc. it must not include short forms, abbreviations and jargons. Make it simple and believable. Don’t make a title too long. It should not have more than 60 characters or 5-6 words.

• Thesis Statement – Develop a thesis statement that support your title. Do not use a poor thesis statement, make it strong and powerful that serves the purpose of the essay. Giving a thesis is like giving a sentence that sums up the content or overall view point of your essay.

• Introduction – Writing an introduction is a crucial task because by introduction reader chooses either to read your essay or leave the page. Therefore, it should be such that the audience is glued to read your essay till the very end. Introduce the title of the essay in the introduction in short. Don’t forget to mention your thesis statement. It also helps to attract the readers towards your essay.

• Body – Now do not just start rushing things and talk it (the problem, causes, effects, etc.) all in once. First continue with the introduction of the subject. Then start with its explanation, further discuss about the causes and effects of the problem. Use some facts to support your words. Use statics as it will provide more accuracy and reliability to your content.

• Problem analysis – Thoroughly analyze the problem. When discussing about the problem always start scratch. Do not assume that everyone from your audience is fully aware about the problem you are discussing about. They are reading it to gain some knowledge about that topic. Due to this reason, it is important to discuss the problem from the start. All this should be explained in the body paragraph.

• Conclusion – Conclusion must summarize the content. Rephrase the facts you discussed. Restate your thesis statement once again in conclusion. Make it brief and short. Conclusion must not be too long; the reason you write a conclusion is to end the discussion you started earlier. So, avoid making it complex and large, avoid giving new prompts regarding the subjects because you are done analyzing the problem. Conclusion provides the end result/ suggestions/ advices of/ about the overall problem.

Examples topics for causal analysis essays

• Why does women age faster than men?

• Why is regular exercise beneficial?

• Why should child marriage be stopped?

• Why should plastic be banned?

• What is the reason behind global warming?

• Why many adults suffer from insomnia these days?

• Why it is said that women much stronger than men?

• Why jealousy occur in children or adults?

• Why is sleeping important for our body?

• How do people fall in love at first – sight?

• Why people prefer to lie then saying the truth?

• Why are some kids shy in front of others?

• Why should people adopt kids?

• Why are students forced to participate in extracurricular?

• Why must we preserve natural resources?

• Why it is said that the magnetic field of earth is tilting? What are its causes and effects?

• Why it is said that Japan is better in technology from others?

• Why should females consume more iron than males?

• Why are old people more prone to diseases?

• Why do people snore?

Practice the above-mentioned topics. Either write it on your own or buy essay online. Writing essays will improve your writing skills. Also, the more you practice one thing the more you become successful in it.

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