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4 Things to Keep in Mind Before Writing an Essay

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Preparing for anything before actually doing it plays a significant role in the success of the work. It goes with all the tasks be it choosing an online resource for getting college essay help in USA or writing an essay all by yourself. Most of the students commit this mistake of jumping directly to the writing work. But before setting your fingers to the keyboard or holding a pen to write an essay, you need to take care of a few points to make a reliable and useful piece of content. In the essay writing task, there are four steps which the students should give a thought to as they help in giving you a solid foundation for the writing process and help you in putting out a high performance.

The article reads those steps which the students should take before writing an essay. Have a look at them-

  1. Schedule your time-

The first critical step which is required to be taken is planning out for time for approaching the writing task. It will help you in having effective time for brainstorming the topic and finding the best sources for the research. Moreover, leaving a gap between the first and the second draft of the essays is important.


  1. Comprehend the question of the essay-

If you think that this is an obvious step, but it is a fact that not all the students follow this and just jump to writing the essay. Grasping the full implications of the essay question help in writing a good essay. You can perform this task by exploring the meaning of the question along with thinking of what you have been asked to write in the document.

Tip: Breaking the question down into multiple pieces is another thing which the students can consider in approaching the question of the essay in the best way. You can do it by reading the meaning of the most common words used in standard essays such as illustrate, contrast and analyze. When it comes to analysis of any topic, getting deep into it and looking them into detail is the trick.

  1. Planning and implementation of the research-

Most of the students have been writing general content in their essays which does not seem appealing, and that is why they deal with fewer marks. The research has to be systematic and personalized.

Tip: Rather than learning everything related to the topic asked in the question, consider what has been asked and target the information that is relevant as per the question of the essay. It will help you in considering the area and the intensity of the research required to ace the quality of the content.


  1. The organization is the key-

Yes, you need to finish the research in a systematic way and maintain the collected information.

How to do it?

After conducting the research and the collection of the information, sit back and re-evaluate the topic of the question to make it a crisp one. Focus on the ideas and the emerging arguments along with the evidence you need to make in the essay.

Tip: Structuring the content by outlining it is the next important step to be taken. The significant sections of any essay are an introductory paragraph, main body and conclusion. You can decrease the time of reading the essay by adding sub-headings of every section and divide the content into different themes and ideas.

Consider these four steps before initiating the essay writing task and ace writing an essay.