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Guide to Write a two Page Essay in a Single Day

When it comes to a research paper or essay writing, many students procrastinate and avoid to write until the last minute comes. Sometimes students are forced to write an essay in a very short interval of time. Due to unavoidable situations like health problem, or a simple case of procrastination students are left with less than no time. In such situations, students prefer to avail essay help online. Whereas in some situations, students write essays willingly or unwillingly. Whatever the reason is because of which you lagged behind, it’s never too late. You can pull off a short research paper or essay up to two pages in a single day.

Under the pressure of time, it is not that easy to plan your research paper or essay. You should follow the below given steps to write your paper quickly and effectively.

  1. Decide your topic: Before you begin to write your paper, choose an appropriate topic. In case you are already assigned with a topic by your teacher, begin with it, otherwise come up with an interesting topic. You should select a topic on which plenty of research work has been conducted previously. This is because it will become easy to collect information for that topic in less time.
  2. Research: It is required to research the topic even if you have prior knowledge about it. Cite those sources in your essay from which you fetch direct information. You can seek essay help from your teachers to have guidance for reliable sources. Depending upon the topic you will be instructed by your teacher to choose some primary and secondary sources which are trustworthy and have the correct information. You can find both types of sources in the library or online.
  3. Outline: It takes very less time and effort to create a clear and well-organized outline for writing an essay efficiently. You can use your personal writing style after crafting an outline. The outline is very helpful in saving time and efforts. You can draft your thesis statement, main points to support main arguments and create a sub-list for every main point. After creating an outline, you are just left with filling the blanks spaces. Relax for a few minutes after drafting an outline and then accomplish the task of writing an essay with a fresh mind.
  4. Quality: It is very important to maintain the quality of the paper. You should work at a place like a library or a study room where there is no disturbance. Stay away from distractions like television, mobile phone, internet, social media, etc. Try switching off your cell phone as it will help you to keep your focus aligned. Write your essay in accordance with the expectations and teaching style of your teacher. Make sure that you read the information and find it correct. Use reliable sources only for collecting data. You can use peer-reviewed articles and books from the library are also trustworthy. Use more and more sources to collect a wide range of rich information. You can use Wikipedia to find from where the information came. Don’t overthink and don’t comprehend the information more than required. Just try to meet the word limit.
  5. Schedule: Create a schedule for writing your essay. Set blocks of time for introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Also, block some time for short breaks of 15-30 minutes.
  6. Introduction: The introduction paragraph should not be lengthy and complex. Give an overview of the information about which you are going to talk in your essay.
  7. Body: Every paragraph of the body should comprise of a main point and evidence in support of every argument. You can include quotes in your body in relevance to your main point of the paragraph.
  8. Conclusion: It is the last paragraph of the essay that gives you a chance to provide a last impression on the mind of the readers. Summarize the main points and main ideas in your conclusion. Tell the importance of your essay and provide a call to action.
  9. Formatting, proofreading and editing: In the last, make sure that the format of your essay is correct. Proofread your paper or seek help from a professional essay writer to proofread and edit your essay. Expert writers edit the lines which they found can be written more appropriately. Also, they make your paper free from any trace of grammatical errors, punctuation errors or spelling mistakes. Revise your paper and submit it the next day to your teacher.


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