Guidelines to Write Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

Guidelines to Write Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

What are Controversies and Controversy Argumentative Essay Topics?

Argumentative essay always need a controversial topic or contradictory topic that you will be explaining with the various supporting arguments and evidences. There is an ongoing crusade over the world which is promoting the change in the current educational system so as to encourage more critical and analytical thinking and a wide scope of knowledge in comparison to theoretical and reproductive way of learning so far.

Most of the professionals and experts believe that both middle school students and college pupils lacks appropriate approach towards numerous controversial issues and therefore it seems that the contemporary education system should stimulate and imbibe these traits in coming education system.

For getting desired results and outcomes, it is suggested that students should be given different controversial argumentative essay topics that will develop their critical thinking and will encourage them to look for more contradictory topics. There are so many controversial topics which we can consider like death penalty, female abortion, politics, demand and supply, wars, religious issues. These topics are currently being discussed worldwide and also pupils use these topics in their academics to build their critical thinking power and origination of brand new ideas.

Let's see some examples of peculiar controversial argumentative essay topics

  • Are political leaders engaged in illegal activities over the world?

  • Should there be anything above the law?

  • Do celebs tend to fail in their political careers?

  • Could Bill Clinton become a better US president?

  • Do religious and racial movements are the main cause of off-of wars and riots?

  • Should the current educational policies be changed?

  • Should the law system allow same-sex marriages?

  • Will CIS prove to be a better alternative for USSR?

  • Will gun control help in controlling the murders and crimes?

  • Should the death penalty be banned?

Now we will discuss some guidelines which will help you in writing different controversial argumentative essays

Justifiable arguments and evidences

Decide the arguments and justifications that you would be putting in your essay so the reader may adopt your point of view. Make sure that your arguments are valid and strong which will persuade your audience to adopt your viewpoint. The introduction should be followed by a thesis statement. Your thesis statement should clearly state your stand on the issue. This is the most crucial part of an essay since it shows your decisiveness from the very first part of the essay.

Summarising the points

The second most crucial thing to do is surmise at least three points which you want to write in the body paragraphs of the essay. Make sure that you elaborate all these points in different paragraphs. You should also have opposing viewpoints and supporting inferences. When your data will be accompanied by such examples. It will enhance the quality of the essay.

Prior-research before writing the essay

Use different resources and information material before writing controversial argumentative essay topics Solid evidence should be used to support the answers. Make sure you demonstrate your opinions effectively, as this will upgrade the credibility of your written content.

Do not teach the readers

Don’t try to teach the readers anything instead make an easy and flexible debate. Try not to give rhetoric arguments but give strong opinions that will sweep off the audience. Then write proper conclusion paragraph for the essay. Also, reinforce the thesis. This will indulge the readers to remind a particular topic of the essay and the reader might be forced to change his outlook.

Now lets see some of the controversial argumentative essay topics used in high schools

  • Are teens badly impacted by the modern hookup culture?

  • What should be done to provoke school bullying and cyberbullying?

  • Pornography should be banned in libraries and internet so that young children may not have access to that material.

  • What are the main reasons behind teenage depression and anxiety?

  • Who is the culprit behind teenage suicide?

  • Should gambling be banned in the countries worldwide?

  • What measures can be adopted to keep drugs away from the teenagers?

  • How we should deal with the eating disorders of teens and adults?

  • What should be the voting age of a particular individual?

  • What should be the dating age of the teenagers?

Lets see some of the funny controversial argumentative essay topics

  • Why stupid and idiotic videos are ruining the fun on the internet?

  • Why smoking and alcohol is actually good for you?

  • What are advantages of messaging and texting while driving?

  • Why there is a need of a dress code for the companies like Walmart?

  • What can be the reasons to encourage smog?

  • Why the plastic cards reach should be made to teenagers nowadays?

  • What are the reasons that Kardashians more influential than the political leaders?

  • Why dogs are better companions than humans?

  • hould the online shopping websites put to an end?

  • is golf is developing its importance in the sports field?

exact meaning of the controversy and how the controversial issues arrive. The writer will have then come to know what can the supportive arguments and proofs can be provided to strengthen their way of thinking of a controversial issue.

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