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Guidelines to Write an Effective Persuasive Essay

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A persuading piece of writing is a kind of essay writing where the writer has to persuade the reader or influence the reader about the ideologies and opinions writer believes. It is also called as an argumentative essay. In this kind of an essay, the writer has to present the effective arguments and evidences to fortify his/her viewpoints. The students can take college essay ideas help from various websites online-

To know properly what is a persuasive essay, lets see some topics of a persuasive essay:

a. Is fashion good or bad for the society?

b. Should girls be given the freedom to take her own decisions for life?

c. Should smoking be banned in the open areas?

d. Should unmarried people be allowed to become single mothers or single fathers?

e. Should gambling be banned in the countries like U.S.A, Nepal?

Is has been seen a lot of times that the students face difficulties in writing persuasive essays, for this purpose, the students can take college essay ideas help from various sources online. Let’s see what are the guidelines for writing an efficient and scholarly persuasive essay writing-

1. Decide your opinion and take the stand – To write a persuasive essay, the writer will have to decide first what he or she believes about a particular issue or topic. For example – there is an essay topic that girls should be given enough freedom or not to take her decisions in life, the writer has to first decide what is his/her opinion on this topic. After this he/she has to take a stand on his/her perception.

2. Facts and evidences – After the writer have taken a stand on a particular ideology, he or she will strengthen his or her opinion by giving some effective examples and evidences. The writer can cite an example on the topic should girls be given enough freedom or not as under:

The girls should be given the right to freedom and liberate themselves from the twisted trap of society because they are the makers of the universe and it has been seen like there are various female personalities that has benefited several nations in different fields such as politics, social work etc.

So, in this way the writer can set examples before the reader to fortify his/her viewpoints.

3. Arguments: least important to the most important – The writer should follow the strategy to start with the least important argument first and gradually move towards the most important argument to bolster his or her way of thinking. This will grab the reader’s attention and convince the reader that the writer is standing his ground in the end of the essay writing. For how to write arguments, the writers can take college essay ideas help online

4. Assume the reader as a beginner – The writer should consider the reader as the audience for his essay and accordingly write the information and content material in the essay. the writer should consider the reader as the beginner. He or she do not know anything about the topic. So, the writer will have to defend his/her viewpoints throughout the whole essay. Also, the writer should mention the information regarding the opposite party’s view so that the reader may know that which viewpoint he or she is arguing against.

5. Refutation – Refutation is very essential to buck up the essay’s main point of view. If he or she will not refute the points given by the opposing parties then the whole idea of writing an essay will be lost. Refutation means nullifying the opposite party’s viewpoint by giving strong counter arguments. This can be done either by giving strong examples and facts or by giving real life examples. This is the most effective strategy online professional writers use for writing a persuasive essay writing. The students who face difficulties in writing these kinds of essays often take college essay ideas help online.

6. Relevant and realistic examples – This is the ultimate need to write a persuasive essay. A persuasive essay always consists of effective and relevant real-life examples which is helpful for the writers in writing an attractive persuasive essay writing. But the writer has to make sure he or she is giving the relevant real-life examples. The writers can make use of well-known facts or statistics to justify his or her viewpoint. For effective examples, the students can refer to college essay ideas help online.

Following these guidelines helps the writers to draft a promising and compelling persuasive and convincing essay. The readers will feel elated and enthusiastic reading the persuasive essay if these guidelines are properly followed. This is a step-by-step guide how to write the perfect persuasive essay writing.

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