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Harvard University Admission Essay Prompts

Harvard University is one the most the renowned and highly reputed institute. It was found in the year 1636 and is situated in Massachusetts, United States of America. It will be dream of many students to get enrolled in this university but you need to have that skills that can help you achieve your dreams.

If you wish to take admission in this university, look after the admission process or requirement from their official website. Develop your plans on the basis of admission process and other requirements of the university. Being such a renowned university, they get thousands of applications from worldwide. However, it is not possible for them to give admission to every student that has filled the admission form.

Acceptance rate is very less in this university. The current acceptance rate is 5.4%. Every year 32000 – 42000 students apply for admission in this university but only 4 % or 5 % students are accepted every year. That means out of those 32000 – 42000 thousand only 1200 – 2100 candidates are accepted. Sounds harsh right. It’s okay, don’t give up.

Due to such huge competition, it becomes important for the students to stand out from the rest of the candidates. You need to have the required grades and the skills that will help you in getting enrolled in the university.

Many students are accepted on the basis of essay writing. Therefore, do not think that you can avoid it. Instead, use it as a golden opportunity and make your dream come true. You can write an essay on any topic. Selection of essay topic is very difficult task. You must select a topic that will demonstrate your skills. The topic can be related to:

• Any of your most memorable holiday - A holiday you went on
• It can be about a person who influence you the most - Things you learned from someone
• Any general thing that helped you to change as a person - What helped me become a better person?
• Any of the travelling experiences you have – the best week I spent in New York
• Extra activities you participated in, apart from academics
• You can talk about your hobbies or something you like to do in free time - My hobby - how it makes me productive
• It could be based on something intellectual or subject based - Science project I did last year

These types of essays will help you in impacting on the admission officer. You can take essay help online to make it more impressive. In fact, you must write all the activities that you took or if you did a part time job, certification or internship mention it in your essay.

You need to mention all the activities but avoid to write them in detail. You should focus on only one activity and explain it thoroughly. Talk about your learnings from it and how it helped you. No matter what topic you choose, make sure you talk about your leadership skills, participations, show that you are eager to learn and adapt new things, etc.

• Do not bluff about anything. We understand that you need to impress the admission officers but do it honestly.
• Avoid saying or stating the qualities and skills that you don’t have.
• Do not use hefty words and complex sentences in your essay.
• Re-examine the essay after its written to identify the mistake and then rectify them.
• Avoid using fancy font, use Times Roman font and font size of 12 points.
• Use line spacing of 1 point.

Most of the students get selected on the basis of the essay written by them. So, work hard and practice or take essay help online.

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