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How Students and Teachers can Develop a Positive Relation in the Classroom?

A class is like a second home for students because they spend more time in their class as compared to their home. Students spend this valuable time with a person who is responsible for the student’s development and academic performance, but along with these practical concerns, sustaining an emotional level is as well important. Why? So that students can feel free to solve their queries rather than feeling uncomfortable with a teacher.

Let’s understand a good teacher & student relationship with a suitable example. Imagine a classroom in which students are not comfortable in asking something from the teacher with a fear of criticism. On the other hand, imagine a classroom where all students and teacher are open with each other and feel free to share their ideas and knowledge in the class and get more knowledge than the knowledge of the book only.

Which relation you found good? The first one with a strict atmosphere or the second one with a free atmosphere that is additionally beneficial for students’ academic and emotional growth? Of course, the second one correct?

How to build a good student & teacher relationship? Well, there are some rules to maintain a good student and teacher relationship that both student and teacher need to follow. Let’s discuss what those rules are.

Rules for Students:

Know your teacher as a person:

Students, try to know your teacher as a person not a teacher, but by remaining in your limits. Discuss your personal life and interest with them and ask them about their college life and personal life in free time. No doubt that courage is needed to do this, but this step can help you establish a good bonding between you and your teacher.

Choose words wisely while communicating with a teacher:

Enjoy your free time with your teacher in the class, but don’t go far in kidding and avoid using words that are not respectful and should not be used with a teacher. Thus, choose humble words that your teacher can listen with patience.

Show complete respect:

Students always remember that no matter how strict a teacher is, but they always like and have a special place in their heart for a student who shows immense respect to them. You even don’t need to make extra efforts to maintain a good relationship with your teacher if you show complete respect for them.

Try not to disrespect:

Students don’t ever disrespect your teacher no matter if your teacher is wrong sometimes. Though, they are human beings. Don’t respect as well as guide your friends also to give complete respect to your teacher.

Greet them respectfully every time you meet them:

To remain in a teacher’s vision, always greet them according to the time every time you meet them. Greeting your teacher is another way to show you respect them.

Avoid arguing with your teacher:

Often students love to argue with their teacher and proving them wrong in the class that they should completely avoid. Don’t indulge with an argument with your teacher if you find something wrong with them rather talk to the teacher in person and solve the matter in private.

Don’t compare their teaching method with other teachers:

You can’t expect every teacher to teach in the same way. Every teacher has their own teaching style and comparing their style with other teachers is not a wise thing. Thus, try to clear your doubts on the spot with your teacher rather than getting confused with their teaching way.

Avoid doing gossips about your teacher:

Students when you do gossip about a teacher whether on his/her personal life, look or anything else you can spoil your image in front of them in case they come to know about what rubbish you are saying about them. Thus, don’t waste your time behind grudges and gossips and think why a teacher used to behave strict, of course for the betterment of yours. Moreover, avoid sitting among your friends if they are gossiping about a teacher.

Do your homework properly:

No matter how your personal relations are with a teacher, but you can always make points by meeting the main requirement, e.g. your homework. Yes, if you are updated with your assignments or homework, then you can maintain a good relationship with your teacher without making much effort.

Don’t just give up:

If you find it difficult to maintain a good relationship with a teacher who is strict enough, then don’t give up and keep trying to build a good relation with your good behaviour.A good relationship is not just being frank with the teacher as it is about how well you understand them and how well you know how to get an advantage with their guidance.

Rules for Teachers:

Talk in private with the student if needed:

It is not easy for teachers to deal with adult students. Sometimes, it can be a bit difficult to deal with a particular student who is not ready to listen to you. In this case, avoid criticising them and making them get more against to you rather talk them in private and ask them the issues they are facing This can let you know where you are wrong and how to deal with that particular student.

Don’t judge a student’s patience:

Teachers, please don’t judge a student’s patience and stop the discussion or debate right away when you get the feeling of a conflict, whether among the students in your class or with you. If you will stretch a topic or will keep insulting one student, you are poking their patience level.

Make students comfortable with you:

Often, due to a teacher’s strict behaviour, students afraid to ask their queries. This unnecessary strictness is not good for a good teacher & student relationship. Make them comfortable on a level that they can solve their queries with you.

Know if you are wrong somewhere:

If you are a teacher, it doesn’t mean you cannot be wrong at any point. Though you are a student that is why you can also make some mistakes. Thus, knowing where you are lacking and how you can correct it so that your class can perform well.

Don’t act strictly when it is fun time:

Do not make delivering education to the students your only priority. Yes, sometimes it is better to create a light atmosphere in which you and your students can feel comfortable with each other. Make sure you don’t act strictly when creating such a funny and light atmosphere.

Share your college stories with your students:

Share about your college journey with your students.Motivate them by telling in which subject you were weak and excellent.Tell them how you beat your weak points and achieve the recent level.

Motivate weak students:

Often, a teacher used to scold or demotivate weak students, but this act is not at all good for a student’s self-respect and confidence. Thus, rather scolding them and letting them down, motivate them by sharing tips on how they can perform better.

Be confidential:

Respected teachers, being professional while teaching is good but also learn to be a friend of your students so that they can share their problems with you for required guidance for you.

Treat students equally:

Students don’t like when you pay more attention to their friends, other classmates or competitors. Sometimes, teachers without even realising start giving importance to a few students that make other students realise that you are ignoring them. Therefore, being a teacher always takes care you are treating all students equally whether in a sympathetic manner or in a strict way.

Show you have expectations from them:

A teacher should never give up on their students no matter what. Showing expectation for weak students is essentially required. When you will show you don’t expect from them, they will not make efforts to improve their self. Despite this, when you will make a student realise that you expect from them to perform well, they will automatically start making required efforts for the same.

Use a constructive way to correct students:

When you ask them a question in a class full of students, don’t insult them and increase the latency period if possible so that the student can at least speak up something after thinking for some time. If they are answering something wrong, then correct them in a constructive way or through your actions in giving them required hints and examples to correct them. This way you can build their confidence to speak up in a number of people.

A positive relationship between a teacher and student is actually powerful to enhance test score, grades and personal development. But, it is important to make efforts from both sides, because if a student is trying hard not to make any mistake with his/her behaviour, then the teacher should also appreciate the same and should make some changes in their style if required.

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