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How Students with Different Majors Spend Their Day

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Here we discuss one day life of students with different majors. This will help you understand how a daily routine in a student’s life gets affected by his/her chosen major and how they are preparing and working hard to achieve their desired goal. Let’s understand one day life of students with different majors through instances. For a clear illustration, we have divided a day into three times morning, afternoon and night time.

Morning Time:

Music Student: A student with the music major use to wake up in the morning around 8:00 am and after getting done with the necessary doings, start his morning instrument warm up by 9:00 am. But, he/she may face a struggle of 5 to 10 minutes finding a place to practice far from the irritated roommates woken up with the noise of musical instruments. After the warm up of a morning, music student attends his/her class by 10:00 am.

Biology Student: A biology student wakes up by 8:00 am and after getting done with the morning doings, he/she start preparing a healthy breakfast for a healthy beginning with balanced vitamins and nutrients. After a healthy breakfast, a biology student attends his/her class by 10:00 am.

Math Student: A math student gets up by 7:00 am. Without spending much time in morning doings, he/she start working on solving puzzles by 7:30 along with their breakfast and off to the class by 8:00 am.

Computer Science Student: A computer student wakes up by 8:00 am in the morning. By 9:30 am he/she start checking out some blogs and reading growing scope of his/her field in the upcoming years and off to the class by 10:00 am.

Philosophy Student: Unlike others, philosophy students use to wake up a bit late, most probably around 9:00 am and spend one hour arguing with the roommate about top news stories. After finishing the debate with the roommate, around 11:00 am they choose a place such as a garden or anyplace to read their scheduled topics and off to the class by 11:30 am.

Political Science Student: Waking up by 8:00 am in the morning and start discussing the updated editions with the classmates by 8:30 am can be a start of students with this major. Start working on a student government campaign by 9:30 am and off to the class by 10:30 am.

Afternoon Time:

Music Student: After taking lunch with fellows by 12:00 pm they start debating on new albums and comparing their previous work. Start practice of scales and intense instruction by 1:00 pm. By 4:00 pm they start rehearsing the upcoming spring concert.

Biology Student: If a biology student is taking lunch by 12:00 pm then chances are there he/she still reading a textbook along with the lunch. After the lunch, they went to the lab for discussing study ideas with the professor. After spending one hour in the lab, they start taking data and searching contaminants by 2:15 pm and went to the library to study by 3:30 pm.

Math Student: After taking lunch by 12:00 pm, they start indulging with nonlinear partial, equations and advanced calculus class and spend their afternoon time in almost all this. By 5 pm they discuss theories and its chances in the upcoming exams with their professor.

Computer Science: After the lunch along with the polymorphic code of two hours, they start debating about important stuff and requirements of the website by 2:00 pm and they find developing software interesting and start coding their new mobile, a social engine in between afternoon classes.

Philosophy Student: Start lunch away from others by 12:00 pm and start working on one of the metaphysics papers by 1:00 pm. After the class of the afternoon, they enjoy discussions over Aristotelian, ethics with their group by 4:00 pm.

Political Science Student: Start their lunch by 12:00 pm with their group along with a discussion on what is good for the campus and the university. After the lunch of one hour, they went to political ethic class by 1:00 pm. By 3:00 pm they went to the library to catch information of the past in order to understand the need of the present. After this session, they start updating their blogs with updated and latest thoughts.

Night Time:

Music Student: After dinner, a music student starts music theory homework before sleep and follows their routine considering he/she have enough time.

Biology Student: They follow a healthy routine and after classes, first they wash their hands thoroughly with sanitizer before taking their dinner by 5:00 pm. After one of an hour of dinner, they finish their necessary daily works and start doing their homework and reading by 7:00 pm.

Math Student: After the dinner by 6:00 pm, a math student meets his/her math club in which they solve the Riemann hypothesis. After a break of one hour, they return to the calculus homework by 9:00 pm with a nice cup of coffee.

Computer Science: After telling some excuses to their friends by 6:00 pm and getting done with their dinner, they have some liquid and enjoy their late night coding.

Philosophy Student: From 5:00 pm to 12:00 am, a philosophy student spends his/her time thinking about animals, their own light food and reading and writing new thoughts. They end their day by dazzling the day’s significance before going to the bed.

Political Science Student: Take dinner with their social club by 5:00 pm. After a break of one hour, they start their foreign policy homework by 7:00 pm and catch the evening news with favourite correspondence by 10:00 pm and sleep.

This is the everyday routine of a student of a particular major and a comparison can help you understand which major steered students living a hard life.