Being a student of the English class or any other course similar to this, you probably have come to across a number of writing assignments. Such tasks drive most of the students mad. The students studying in school feel less burden as compared to the ones pursuing their education at the university. This is because the students who are at a higher level of academics need a good amount of knowledge and a wide set of skills for the same. This is one big reason that the students from the colleges are assigned hard and complicated essay writing tasks. With the increase in the level of academics, the level of topics keeps on increasing further making them more complex.

Many at times, the professors try to give the topics by themselves. However, in other situations, students are given the liberty of choosing the topic of their own interest.

Talking about an argumentative essay, if a student wants to excel in this type of essay, he/she must hold a set of three skills. They are:

  1. Research Skills
  2. Reading and Writing Skills
  3. Analysis of Skills

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Many students feel relaxed when your professor or teacher assigns the topic for writing an argumentative essay as half of your work gets done. Thus, when you have to select the topic on your own, you consider it a tedious task. Following are some of the major sources that will help you come out with the topics for essay writing tasks:

You might be a professional writer in this field, but don’t make a mistake of adding quotes from the outside sources. This is one way by which the students ascertain that they can collect and select the right sources that contain quality information on a particular topic.  Furthermore, to come out with desired results, it is essential to format the paper in the right way. Go for online help if you find any issue while completing argumentative essays.

Take a look at the complete list of the topics on which you can prepare your argumentative essays.

Argumentative Essay Topics

A. Simple Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Advantages of Higher Education
  2. Can election be considered an impartial process?
  3. What is the limit of our dependency on computers?
  4. How are cell phones harmful?
  5. Can free use to the internet turn out to be one of the dangers to education?
  6. Should education be free of cost for all?
  7. How the current grading system is impacting the performance of the students?
  8. Can SAT and ACT tests be considered effective?
  9. Can we say that college admissions are highly competitive?
  10. Who is responsible for the low test results?
  11. The negative impact of violent games on children

B. Argumentative Essay Topics Related to Sports

  1. Should physical education be made mandatory in schools?
  2. Should male and female player be given the same opportunities?
  3. Huge amounts are spent on college sports programs? Is it worth?
  4. Do you know the top unbreakable sports record?

C. Argumentative Essay Topics for Youngsters

  1. Does eating junk food affect the studies?
  2. How horror films leave an impact on the children?
  3. Do luxuries only act as a status symbol?
  4. What is the exact age for the students to have their private social media accounts?
  5. Is it true that spending time on social media ruins relationships?
  6. Can swimming be considered the best sport?

D. Argumentative Essay Topics for College

  1. Does alcohol completely terminate the human brain?
  2. Should energy drinks be made illegal?
  3. The right age of voting
  4. According to law alcohol should not be sold after 10 PM

E. Classical Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas

  1. Are automatic vehicles best to solve the problem of pollution?
  2. Every person harming nature must be penalized
  3. Effects of tornado
  4. Globalization: For or Against
  5. Who is responsible for the destruction of rainforests?

F. Technological Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas

  1. Smartphones: Boon or Bane
  2. How are children affected by the filthy web language?
  3. How is the internet influencing the education system?
  4. Do virtual relationships exist?
  5. Is technology restraining originality?

Tips and Features of Good Topic Ideas

  1. Choose the topic that is most talked in town may it be stories, facts, etc.
  2. Select the idea that leaves people in doubts.
  3. You must go with the topic that forces everyone to think in a different manner.
  4. Choose the topic that is related to your own self.