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How to Choose the Best Career for Yourself?

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If you are on that point of life, where your academic life is ending up, and you need to choose where you want to go further, then you must read this article. It will help you decide which path to choose. Even if you are in between your academic career, you can have a reference from this article to focus on the stream you are going to continue in future. If you have a pro-active approach and want to try something new, then you must take a risk which can make you towards your career. But a bit of self-exploration and research, you can easily choose the job that will feel you satisfied.

You can follow these steps to choose what is best for you.

Evaluation of the interests and skills

Assessment of your capabilities makes it easy for you to choose which is the best field for you. You can select the area based on your strength and goals.

  • Making the list of the skills and strengths: you should evaluate your skills and your strengths. You have to make an introspection to know about yourself. While introspection, you must consider the things like physical skills, practical tasks and creative work. You need to more about yourself if you are a good artist or you are good with calculations, you have good communication skills, or you are interested in sports and are a good player. You can also be interested in history, management of the team or have strong reasoning skills. You should make a list of each and every skill you have.
  • Figuring out your area of interest: after writing down the skills, you must look at it and pick out the things that you are interested in. You should highlight the factors which attain your interest and add them also in that list. For example, your interest may also be in the parties, spending time in nature, know about other cultures or travelling around the world. All these will help you choose which factor you want to continue further in your life. You can also consider some artistic things like cooking, academic writing, riding bicycle, singing, dancing etc.
  • Avoiding the social expectations: you must focus on your aspirations rather than thinking about the society. You should not worry about the acceptance of culture. The future you are thinking of will be acceptable by community or not is the last thing you should bother about. First, you should think about your expectations of yourself. You should come to a decision thinking about your knowledge and the skills considering the weaknesses, interest and values. For example, if your family expects you to join the family business, but you want to be a choreographer, you must chase your dreams as it will provide you happiness.
  • Take aptitude test: there is some aptitude test available online which can help you decide on the specifications you are good at. You can undertake the tests which can help you analyse the strengths, weaknesses, interests and personality and help you to narrow down your career choice.

Narrow down your career options

  • Think of fields of work: you should narrow down the options from your list. Once you decide on the area you want to work in, consider all the options within that field. For example, if you're going to work in the medical field, you can be a doctor, nurse, work in physician department. If you are interested in academic writing, you must think about all the prospective in this field. As there is some academic writings which involve different types of writings Same is the case in the law field; if you want to be a lawyer, you can be a lawyer in the small firm or a large firm.
  • Search for the roles and responsibilities from that field: while specific jobs may sound amazing in theory, it’s important to know exactly what you are getting yourself into. You must find out the daily roles and responsibilities of the jobs you are interested in. Then, you must decide whether you will be able to comprehend those responsibilities or not. You should think about whether you can picture yourself completing the tasks happily or the work will become a burden on you. For example, if you want to become an academic writer, you must consider all the roles in academic writing.
  • Match your qualities with potential jobs: choose a career that fits your temperament and personality. You must think about whether you enjoy interacting with other people and if you work better alone or in a team. You must consider if you are a great leader or you follow the directions thoroughly. Whether you plan the things and manage the time in a better way or like to go with the flow. You should also think how well you manage the time and if you are detail-oriented or focus on the big picture and if you are enjoy coming up with new ideas. In the matter of academic writing, you must polish your writing.

Pursuing further steps

  • Figuring out the qualifications: after having the introspection, you must consider the requirements. Chose the stream which will lead you towards your goals. Once you know what is required, you can then work on becoming qualified for your new career. If you have decided the profession of academic writing, then you must choose the qualification which leads to literature.
  • Continue your education: many positions may require a specific certification, license or degree. You can also do online research which will help you to meet the set goals.
  • Ensure the values: a career will be most fulfilling if the company’s values mirror your own. Think about what types of things which are very important to you. And also what type of things you would be willing to compromise on.

Thus, if you want to choose the most appropriate career for you but you are confused, you can refer to this article it will help you to decide about your strengths and the weaknesses.