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How to Deal With a Tight Assignment Deadline!

What happens when the fear of missing the deadline to submit your assignment loom large on your head? It is nothing like the last minute rush of a supersale in a superstore. There is nervousness minus the excitement. Moreover, it is not like searching for the parking spot or getting your things billed as soon as possible. Not really, it is way different - there is a very short period of time left and you have a lot of work to get done. Still, you can bring in some excitement and bring yourself back into the game if you use a few techniques to power yourself up and see yourself making it.

  1. Don’t underestimate the power of good music – You need to keep yourself calm and focused so that you can proceed to taking the bull by its horns.
  2. Ask and Get – Asking for help may feel a bit difficult for some but it is nothing to be afraid of. There are people out there who are really willing to help others. They feel good in doing it. It helps you to learn to work with people. All of us who are living in the society are interdependent whether one is a shopkeeper or the president of a big organization, all need help sometime or the other.
  3. Procrastination is the mother of stress –Don’t let yourself put things off for some time later. Most of the times, this happens when you are distracted by other things such as Facebook and WhatsApp. It means you need to keep your phone off for the period that you have dedicated to working on your assignment.
  4. First thing first – Some things are more important than the others. It is true even for the assignments. There can be the parts and concepts which would be more important to include in your assignment or there can be questions that should be completed on a higher priority. So, sort the things to be done. First comes the elephant (bigger, higher on priority things) and then comes the tale (smaller, lesser priority things).
  5. Change how you see and the scene may be different - Look at it as an opportunity to complete the assignment in a limited time. Think of yourself as the people who can actually complete the assignments in a small time and enjoy all the time they have in whatever way they want. Like A Boss!
  6. Minimise the distractions – When things seem out of control, first thing is to put off the things that are not important. Keep away the things that distract you. See what would make a difference in what you are dealing with and take action on those things only.
  7. Work it out – One of the best ways to reduce your stress and improve focus is to exercise. Pump it up and you will feel filled with energy. The stress and anxiety affect the brain but the impact is felt on all of the bod. Similarly, when the body feels good and energetic, the brain also feels relieved. It means the mind and body are linked and if the mind can impact the body, the body can impact the mind as well.
  8. Be truthful and ask for an extension – Share your situation and explain why you happen to be in it. Also, promise to take care of the deadlines in the future (if you can). Actually, a lot of people are happy to extend a deadline when they are given a genuine reason and well in advance (not when the deadline is missed already). Ask for a little bit more time than you think can you really need. The chances are you would get the extension but with a bargain.

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