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How to Decide the Length of an Essay?

Ways to plan length of essays to make them attractive

Have you ever wondered how long should an essay be? Or why you are given a limit in your essay. Well, there is different limit for different types of essays. You must know how to write a college essay in a given limit. You should also write the words according to the limit, do not just simply exceed the word limit. 

Generally, a word limit is given to check how can you fit your content in the given limit. Do you write all the important facts and points in your essay? Or you just babble some sentences just for the sake of completing the word limit. Answers to these questions are found out on the basis of judgement. You should take essay help to improve your writing skills.

Length of an essay also depends upon the level of your education. Word limit or length of your essay can be different if you are a college student, school student, graduation level student or post-graduation level student. 

Usually length of an essay varies from 250/ 300 – 1000/ 2000 words depending on your level. It also differs from type of essay you are writing.

There are different types of essay, some of the essays are explained below:

  • Narrative essays – In narrative type of essay, the author narrates his or her story or a real-life experience through the essay. 
  • Expository essays – In this type of essay, the author of the essay defines a particular topic in his or her essay using some strong evidence or using facts and figures.
  • Descriptive essays – As the name suggest, descriptive essay describes in detail about the thing, the author is talking about in the essay, whether it is a place, person, or a memory, etc.
  • Persuasive essays – Persuasive essays are written in order to persuade the audience to belief the author’s point of view they are talking about in their essay.
  • Exploratory essays – These essays describe an author’s point of view on a particular subject relating to anything. It can be social, environmental, technological, etc.
  • Diagnostic essays – Diagnostic essays are given to students in the beginning of the term in order to check the student’s abilities, strengths and weaknesses.  

A school level essay should be of approximate – 250 - 400 words, college admission essay should be of – 250 - 600 words, graduate level essay should be of 500 - 1000 words, etc. So, if you are not given the length, write the length of according to the level you are writing the essay for. Otherwise, in most of the cases, you have to write the essay within the length. 

Points to consider while writing an essay within the specified length: 

  • Manage Time – You should be able to manage your time while writing an essay. While writing an essay it is important to write all your points in the essay according to the limit. It shows your time management skills. 
  • Fit Content – It also demonstrates your skills to fit your content within the limit. You should be able to explain the main idea or the main part of your essay in 250 – 350 words. Do not over extend the things you are writing, keep it detailed or precise depending on the length. 
  • Use topic to specify length – If you do not have a limit specified along with the topic, us use the topic to define the length. Write more about the topic and less about the other things. Use accurate words and sentences that explains the topic instead of using rambling sentences.  
  • Should you write over or under the limit – When you are given a limit to write an essay, write in the limit only. Many students think the longer I write the essay the better grades or marks I will earn. Well it is not necessary that you will be given extra marks for some extra words. The limit is given for a reason so never write too much or too little. However, if you write 20-30 words extra or less will not get your marks deducted. But make sure you write in the limit. 
  • How much to write in which part? – You must all know which part to extend and which part to reduce. Generally, body of an essay covers the most part of an essay. It is the paragraph that is the longest amongst the other paragraphs and consist 60-70 percent of the main part of your story. But in order to write the body part longest do not forget to write the introduction or the conclusion or do not think any less of them. All the three: the introduction, the body and the conclusion are equally important. 
  • Make sure it makes sense - It should not happen that when the limit is specified you just focus on writing the limit and forget to focus on making sense of things you are writing. Whatever you are writing, it should be meaningful and should thereby explain your point of view or thoughts or idea you are talking about.  
  • Focus on quality – Also focus on the quality of your essay. Make sure that you write your content in a clear manner and demonstrate your good essay writing skills through your essay. 
  • Proofread your essay – Proofreading is important part and step that you must follow after the completion of your essay. Proofreading helps in eliminating the mistake you made while writing the essay. These are the mistake that we do not notice while writing the essay. Hence, always proofread your essay before submssion. 

These are some points that you need to keep in account when you are to write an essay which has specific limit or when you have to decide the limit of your essay.

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