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How to Find a Good Assignment Writer

Generally, the best thing to do for students is to make their assignment on their own or to find help that can be availed without violating the guidelines, but sometimes even the best of the students are caught up in such a situation that they have no alternative and in order to save themselves, they feel the need to hire an expert assignment writer. If you are the one who is caught up in such a situation, then it may be a good idea to seek online assistance. If you are looking for an expert as you do not feel confident in writing your assignment, then have a look at How to complete an assignment first.

There are various websites that offer assignment help and tell you that they have the best writers for you, and there is no doubt that an expert writer can create a wonderful assignment to get you the desired results. But, where do you find such expert writers? How do you make sure that the expert that you have found is really an expert and not just a poser? What are those indicators by which you can judge an expert writer? Let us explore some of the ways to make it easy for you to reach the expert that you might be looking for.

When we talk about an expert writer, it is important that we know who is an expert and what else you should look for in an author in the context of the assignment work. It is possible that one may be an expert writer but is not good at keeping timelines or is not good for your pocket. Such a writer can be called an expert but a not a Good Assignment Writer. Below are some of the touchstones that can be used to judge an online writing service or an assignment writer.

  1. Published Articles – An expert writer is the one who has written a lot of material and it is not possible that the person who calls himself or herself an expert can remain without publishing a number of articles in their credit. There are many people on the internet who after learning to speak and write English start telling themselves as expert writers even when there is nothing to showcase their skills. So, if someone claims to be an expert but does not have anything on their credit, it is easy to tell that they cannot do anything beyond knitting a few words together to create a trap for you.
  2. Ability to write on different topics – The second thing to look for is to know if they are just good at writing on one topic or can write on a multitude of the subjects and topics. So, check to see the variety of the articles that have been written by the expert. If everything that they have published is just related to Maths and your requirement is related to Science, then the chances are rife that they are not good at any other subject, and that they are no good for you.
  3. Ability to create interesting and concise articles – Check if the written material is able to catch your interest. The best way to do so is to read anything related to a subject that you do not know about. Ask for the sample assignment and check if it is engaging enough.
  4. Ability to work with tight deadlines – This is one of the skills that are important for all, be it the writer or the students. If you are interested to learn more about it read How to deal with a tight deadline.
  5. Have a good rating and values feedback – There are many writers who call themselves experts and boast of doing the best job, i.e. making the best assignment for you. Even I call myself an expert writer, but it is the users of a website or a service that can tell you the truth about their services. If the readers find an article uninteresting or boring, then it is the writer who is to be blamed.

They know the difference between article writing and assignment writing – There are various requirements for writing an assignment that is not only accepted by your university but also appreciated and rewarded. These requirements are often published in the form of guidelines by the universities. For example, look at the following excerpt from the guidelines provided by the University of Adelaide,

“When you are writing assignments at university, you will need to include references to the information you have read. Because there is often a large amount of information to choose from, you need to learn to choose your sources wisely. The sources you choose should not only be relevant but also credible, which means trustworthy or reliable.”

You think that it is all that is there, then read further.

“At university, it is not enough to formulate your own opinion on a topic. Instead, you are expected to understand the literature available in your field and to form your own critical opinion in response to the ideas of others. This means that you are expected to read many sources and refer to those sources in your writing. The most common academic sources are journaled articles, conference papers and books. However, a variety of other sources may also be relevant to your disciplines, such as websites, reports, brochures, films and television or radio programs. When you write an assignment, you create an argument for your point of view, giving evidence for that view. The evidence that you give will come from the sources you have read. Hence, the quality of your argument will partly depend on the quality of your sources. If you use a source that is not accurate or well-informed, you do not look like a good student. Your lecturers may suspect that you used the first sources you found and will assume that you do not have a good understanding of ideas related to your topic. Choosing good sources means paying attention to who wrote the information, why and how they wrote it.”

A good assignment writer knows about these things in advance and works accordingly. So, one should make decisions based on the above points. Finding a good assignment writer also includes avoiding the imposters. If someone is too cheap and sounds too good, then it is possibly to lure you into a trap. Also, understand the difference between a freelancer who may charge you by the words and a writing service that charge by the hours.

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