How to Select an Argumentative Essay Topic

How to Select an Argumentative Essay Topic

How to Achieve the Best Argumentative Essay Topic?

An argumentative essay means essay based on arguments made by both thTo write an argumentative essay it is very important to build an ability to choose a good topic for the essay. You may be assigned by your teacher with a particular essay topic. Most of the times students are asked to select the best argumentative essay topics on their own. There are a few guidelines following which you have to choose a topic.e parties on a particular issue prevailing. It helps in coming to a solution after so many claims made by both the parties.

With the help a step-by-step guide you can achieve an excellent essay topic.

It is not easy to select the best argumentative essay topics. You have to work with dedication to narrow your thoughts and focus to make your essay interesting and broad. You should add adequate information in your essay. Before selecting an argumentative essay topic, make sure that should provide valuable information to your audience.

  • Brainstorming
  • Select a topic that is debatable
  • Be ascertain that there is enough information available related to the topic.
  • Be flexible
  • Define your topic as an interesting and the best argumentative essay topic.
  • Research the topic and find prompts to add in your essay.
  • Craft an impactful thesis statement.

Use the 7 steps given below

Step 1 is brainstorming

Brainstorm your thoughts and gather ideas. Select the argumentative essay topic that is of your taste and seems to be perplexing for you.

  • You should have a strong opinion and a position on the argument that you are choosing to write an essay for.

  • You must have enough prior rich knowledge about the topic.

  • Choose such a topic for which you strongly favor one side of the argument and oppose another.

  • Your audience should find your topic interesting and it should be debatable.

Step 2 is providing background

You can browse the internet to get background information on the topic. You can read encyclopedias or get some information from Wikipedia. There are many sources present on the internet from which you can gather plenty of information. In your essay, you have to provide your reader with background information so that they get to know the origin of the argument. Tell your opinion on the topic and also explain why you took that position. Who raised the argument for the first time? what were its effects? and many such questions can be raised by you.

Step 3 is focusing on the topic

You have to completely focus on the best argumentative essay topic selected by you. Neither it should be too broad and nor it should be too narrow. A narrow topic will limit you and it will be difficult to add any extra information in your essay. If you find any topic in making a firm decision about the topic you can seek help from your professor or librarian.

Step 4 is to make a list of main pointsd

Students come up with many points while brainstorming their thoughts. Look for ideas that set suitable in your essay. You have to define terms at the beginning of the essay so that your readers find it easy to understand.

Choose a flexible that you can be changed later as per your requirements. Students commonly modify topics and tend to write a narrower or broader their topics. It is normal when you do research and finds some exciting information that is more interesting, adjustable, or manageable.

One thing to keep in mind always is that the best argumentative essay always meets the word count assigned by the teacher. Be aware of the due date and complete your essay before the impending deadline so that you get enough time to revise your essay.

Step 5 is to research the topic and create prompts for readers

Use the information that you gather to write the best argumentative essay prompts. With the help of prompts, you can raise the curiosity in the readers. Set a prompt and then answer it efficiently. Answer all the questions in your essay that you think that the audience might think at the time of reading your essay. Support your essay with solid evidence to convince the readers on your side.

Step 6 is to formulate an interesting thesis statement

When you begin to write your thesis statement for the best argumentative essay it should include the main points of your essay. A thesis statement should give an overview of the information that the audience is going to get through the essay. Your position on the argument should also be given in the thesis statement. Inform your audience about your topic and create a transition among every paragraph of your essay.

Step 7 is to create an outline

With creating an outline, you can save your time. Start with an introduction and then continue with the body and conclusion in the last. Using suitable transition words and writing skills you can write a flawless essay. After crafting an outline, you just have to fill the parts with information and evidence.

By following the above steps, you can easily write the best argumentative essay topic.

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