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How to Structure of a Technical Research Paper

Technical Research Paper

It is a research paper about technology. It is a document explaining scientific research or study or experiment. It describes the reason, problem why the research is conducted, how it was done? What were the problems faced? What is the result? What are the future aspects? and references, conclusions, etc. are presented in this document. This paper is a thesis document that the students have to present during their doctorate degree or program. This paper can be related to any field like medical, literature, psychological, managerial, etc. Usually, a research paper about technology is also called scientific or technical report.

For writing such a document a lot of time and efforts needs to be invested. The students face problems while writing this paper, due to lack of research skills. If you are also facing the same problem, then you can take research paper help from someone. It will help you to write a good paper. Also, if you are writing it for the first time, then search for sample papers online to check the way and format the other authors have written it in.

Structure of a Technical Research Paper

Generally, the structure of paper consists of a title, abstract, introduction, background, methods, results, discussion, future work, conclusion, and reference. But the structure can vary depending on the institute you are writing it for. Many of them provide you with the structure or some follow IEEE format for writing the research paper about technology. Before starting the paper, confirm the structure from your instructor or respective authority. Here is a list of things to include in a research paper about technology:

• Title – The title of the document should deliver the main idea behind your research to the reader. It contains the name of the research or thesis statement, institute you are presenting it to, your name, your supervisor’s/ instructor’s name, date, etc. The title page is also called the cover page. Remember that the words written on the title page are not counted in the word count. A title page is simple, hence overly editing should be avoided. The alignment of text and fonts style and size for writing the title page are fixed. Hence, make sure you follow it.

• Abstract – In this section, you need to summarize your research. Abstracts are a general overview and summary of your document. But it should be written with careful consideration. You have to write about the problem, background, steps you took to solve the problem, future work that can be done, etc. all of these should be mentioned concisely. You should not copy sentences from your document under any circumstance. An abstract contains around 250-300 words only. Hence, make sure you provide a meaningful summary to justify your entire research paper about technology.

• Introduction – This section is for introducing your findings. Remember that you have to introduce the subject and not explain. A brief explanation is not given in the introduction, you just have to introduce it and summarize your main idea. If you are referring to a person’s past theory or a historical context, then use active voice and the last name of the person. Also, provide a reference for the same. Do not use informal language in the introduction and keep in mind that a research paper is a high-level academic paper so write it accordingly.

• Background – Writing the background of the paper is optional. It is not necessary that you have to write it, you can if you want. In this section, you can explain the background theory or work that was done on the topic or could have been done. You can write about the main idea that motivated you to research the topic, etc. in this section.

• Methods – List down the methods or methodologies you used to write the research paper about technology. There are many research methods available and highly used for technical purposes, explain to the one you used and why. For example, if your technical report is for the development of software, then mention the model or method used. Like for software development, there are various methodologies like waterfall, iterative waterfall, spiral, agile, prototype, etc. Mention how which method was suitable for your topic.

• Results – In the result part, you have to write the outcomes and result of your experiment. Clearly, mention every detail and avoid creating ambiguity for the reader/. Write this section such that the reader should be left with any doubt after reading your result. Also, explain if your expected result was similar to the actual outcome.

• Discussion and Future Work – Discussions and future work must be mentioned in the report. In this section, you can discuss how your research can help in accomplishing something that was not accomplished earlier. Or if you have a theory or question that is unsolved, you can mention what future steps can be taken to solve that question. Make your readers comprehend what you are saying.

• Conclusion – You can either combine it with the previous section or simply present it separately. Here you can state your finding and how it solved or solves the problem. Again you just have to provide a summary and not a detailed or too lengthy paragraph. If you are unable to write a research paper about technology, then you can avail research paper writing service to complete your academic document.

• References – References are provided to mention the sources from where you have taken the facts, statistics or related theories. You can name this section as Literature Cited or Selected Bibliography or References Cited. There is a format to cite the reference, consider it and write the references according to it. The reader can check the relevancy and reliability of your citations, hence, you must take data from a reliable source only.

In this way, you can structure the research paper about technology. Students make many common mistakes while writing a research paper. Hence, you must avoid them to avoid facing the consequences later. Starting writing the paper after doing a thorough analysis from other paper online.

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