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How to Write an Argumentative Essay Easily

What is an Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay is a kind of essay that reflects arguments of both the sides of an issue. There are chances that both sides of the issue are presented in a balanced way or one side may be presented forcefully than the other.

Argumentative essays are one of the most common essays given by the educators to the students. These types of essays are the pieces of writing that have a main focus on convincing the reader of what the writer thinks of about a particular issue. There are many argumentative essay help service providers in USA to help you. You must also know the essential components and basic structure of the essay before you go to buy argumentative essay.  

What are the Elements of an Argumentative Essay?

Following are the elements of an argumentative essay:

Position: It refers to the side of an argument that the writer is taking. For example, the writer is arguing about the ban of liquor consumption.

Reason: It is an important element of an argumentative essay because without the reasons, the position becomes weak and baseless. There are numerous reasons for the position that liquor should be banned an one of the reasons is that it damages people’s health.

Evidence: The factual information is required about the reasons and position, to claim the argument to be strong and convincing. It is very important to provide citations and references by the writer for the direct information gathered for the evidence. Instead you buy augmentative essay, you can opt to get assistance just for referencing by Harvard citation style.

Counterarguments: These are opposite sides of argument and can be the viewpoints from the writers. The authors prove the counter statement to be false or ineffective with the use of evidence.       


Every reader starts to read from the beginning of a book, article, or an essay. So it is very important to create a catchy introduction to grab the attention of your audience. It should be something interesting and presented in such a way that your audience finds it worth reading. You can buy argumentative essay from a professional to have look on their paper, that how they conduct their beginning and then by following their method you can also write an effective introduction.   

Thesis statement

A thesis statement is also included in the introductory paragraph. It summaries all your main points and arguments. It presents the stance on the topic and gives a clear image of the claim made by you. You should take some valuable amount of time to craft a strong and effective thesis statement. It is the most important part that helps the reader to determine whether they want to read it. You should seek argumentative essay help if you find any difficulty.

Create a road map to describe the motive of your topic in two or three lines. You may add the main points in your thesis statement to provide with a guide to your readers. The points provided in the introduction will be explained in detail in the main body of your paper. Your main points will help in providing a backup for your stance. It is just an outline of what you will be explaining in your essay. If you buy argumentative essay from USA’s professional writer, you can learn that how they write their thesis statement efficiently.

Outline and structure

After an introduction about the background of your essay, you need to focus on collecting the shreds of evidence and also need to understand thoroughly how to serve the purpose of your topic.

Start with an eye-catching hook that leads to a fact or statistic, a quote or a personal thought, but it should be interesting and must have actual evidence or example in support of it. You should draw the reader in by an effective starting of the essay. There should be a smooth transition of the background intoyour main argument.

Argument essays are organized in a fairly straightforward manner. So you should outline your paper. In case of any question in your head never feel unsure to ask for argumentative essay help.


Body of the paper usually consists of three paragraphs and every paragraph explains individual points with the support of examples and evidences. Every paragraph elaborates different points and comprises of 200-240 words approximately. If you are having two strong points and one weak point to be argued, then manage to sandwich the weak point. Always start with a strong point so that the reader feels confident to rely upon your writing and believe to read further for more information. Also end your body, i.e. third paragraph with a strong opinion leaving the reader impressed from your points. The reader should undoubtedly understand the proposed message.

  • Provide the readers with reasons why they should accept your position and also support these reasons with examples, statistics, logic, or stories.
  • Also, remember to anticipate opposing arguments and answer them that why should they oppose or reject these positions or arguments.


The conclusion is the last step to complete your essay so it should leave a mark on the minds of your readers so that they end up believing your writing. Don’t add any kind of new information in your conclusion to avoid confusion.

For building an effective argumentative essay know your opposition, because every topic has a pro and opposing side. Know the opposite stance on the issue to have an upper hand on your opponent. Get all the facts to make your argument good. You need to have cognitive and verifiable facts, if you don’t want to look like an amateur. Always pick a topic that you are passionate about, otherwise you won’t be able to capture the attention of the reader.

It is a good idea to buy argumentative essay as a sample. It will give you an idea about the over all formatting of paper and you will also get to know how to arrange your thoughts. There are many writers who provide cheapest essay writing service i.e. at very cheap prices students get high-quality writing service.

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