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Ideas to Write an Essay on Conservation of Energy Problems

Why is Conservation of energy required?

Before we start discussing the main topic, it is important for us to understand the reason why it is important to conserve the energy. Different conservation of energy problems can occur if we misuse or do not conserve these energies. Conservation of energy is very important as we need to reserve these resources for the future generation. Energy is anything that helps you perform an activity physically or mentally. Or the energy required by a machine to work. 

There are numerous forms in which energy exists like, thermal energy, light energy, solar energy, kinetic energy, wind energy, etc. It is important to preserve these energies. There are some other resources that help in generating the energy like coal, petrol, diesel, etc. The usage of these energies are increasing day by day. Therefore, it is mandatory for us to conserve them as they are scarce resources and can extinct in future. You can take help from the internet as there are many examples related to this topic.

Ideas to Write on Conservation of Energy Problems 

  • Choose a problem – There are number of problems that are prevailing in the society related to energy. These problem, can be discussed in your essay. Choose one problem and discuss it in detail. Problems like climate change, tilting of magnetic field, increasing temperature, melting of ice, etc. can be described. 
  • Research – Deeply research about the topic. How it started? From where it started? What were the factors due to which it happened? These are some question you must definitely find the answers of. You can also research the facts related to the problem. Compare the data from different years, in order to study whether the problem is increasing or decreasing and with what amount. It will help you develop an outline and specific points that you can talk about in your essay. 
  • Cause & Effects – Once you get the problem and have a data about it in detail. Talk about the causes and effects that this problem caused. The causes and effects should be discussed in the body paragraph. There are many reasons that trigger a problem, you must search and discuss those reasons. The effects that problems have on the environment and nature can also be talked about. 
  • Related Problems – Discuss the related problems that has been triggered due to the main problem. There are problems that lead to or cause other problems. You can include this point in your essay on conservation of energy problems. However, if you are talking about a minute problem that do not trigger other problems, then you can skip this point while writing the essay. 
  • Steps to Prevent the problem – Eventually, talk about the steps that can be taken in order to stop the problem. If the problem cannot be stopped, then you can talk about the point or guidelines that can reduce the problem or reduce its effects. 

Conservation of Energy Problems

These are some of the problems that can occur due to lack of energy conservation. You can use these topics in your essay or consider it as an example. It is important to mention in your essay that why it is important to conserve energy ?

  • Drought – Drought is phenomena caused due to lack of ground/ surface water level in the land. This is caused by low water level, deforestation, draining the water reservoirs, emptying river or lakes, etc. You can use this as a topic for conservation of energy problems. 
  • Melting of ice – Another problem can be caused due to increase in temperature. More the temperature increases, more there is a risk of ice melting. And more the ice melts, more there is a risk of increase in water level. The increase of water level can cause floods and drown the countries, cities or island situated near the sea or oceans. If it happens, many people can die. Hence, it should be prevented. 
  • Global warming – It is also an important issue that is being discussed for almost a decade now. It is one of the main reason the leads to the increase in temperature, melt the glaciers, rise the water level, etc. This one problem causes number of other problems. Therefore, some crucial steps should be taken to stop this problem. 
  • Acid rain – Due to high amount of pollution in the air and water, acid rains can occur. Acid rain contains acidic water. The amount of hydrogen ions is too much in this rain. It can be very harmful for the plants and aquatic life. It is also harmful for human beings. 
  • Natural disasters – If we mess with the nature, it will definitely cause natural disasters like volcanic eruptions, drought, earthquakes, tsunami, cyclones, tornadoes, etc. This is is considered as one of the major conservation of energy problems. 
  • Smog – Smog is caused due to air pollution. It is similar to fog but smog is harmful as it contains chemicals that are dangerous for human and animals. Breathing such air can cause number of dangerous diseases. Therefore, steps should be taken to prevent it. 

Use the above mentioned topics to write essay on. There are many essay help providers. You can take best essay help from online websites that will help you write an effective essay. It will also be helpful in expressing the problem in a clearer and appealing manner.

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