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Let’s Restore Your Study Space with Simple Tips

Home Blog Let’s Restore Your Study Space with Simple Tips

Your concentration power to study also depends on your surroundings, especially your study desk’s condition. Chances are rare of keeping your desk neat & clean always if you actually do studies every day. We are talking about study desk where hostel students can’t even keep their room that clean. This can distract you from studies and make you unable to concentrate. Often students, especially boys don’t pay much attention to the setting of their room or study desk and find it an irrelevant and boring task.

Let’s discuss some useful and simple tips that can help you restore your study space so that you can concentrate well. Such tips can prove beneficial, especially for students sharing a room with others.

  1. If your room’s study desk is messy enough where you have spread your pen, pencil and books randomly, then your brain will not let you concentrate on your book rather it will force you to clean your desk first where before it was not that necessary for you. So, if such situation occurs and becoming an obstacle for your studies, then you can shift to the library to complete your reading. This action is required especially during your exams otherwise your room or study desk condition will try to move you towards unnecessary tasks.
  2. Often, in a single room, it becomes difficult to concentrate where you can’t avoid the mess, noise of TV and some other distractions. If you are at home, then you can change your setup if want, but if you are living in a hostel or sharing an apartment with your roommate, then you can’t avoid such things. Still, you have one option, e.g. you can place your setup near to the window or doorway where you can avoid the mess.
  3. Playing with your brain using simple tricks can also help you sending positive vibes to alert your brain that it's study time or whatever you are doing required concentration. What are those tricks? Well, you can use a nice fragrance in your room for what you can use scented candles or room fresheners to fresh your mind. A slow classical music in the background can also force you to focus.
  4. No matter if you are determined enough to study even after having so many distractions in the room. Still, you can’t avoid your roommates. Yes, it is not necessary that you share a solid bond and have the same time to study. In fact, you can’t even stop them making noise in the room or doing stupid things. In that case, you have two options, either you can go somewhere else to study such as a park, ground, etc. to stay away from the noise or else you can arrange a set of headphones to keep yourself cut from the discussion or anything else happening in the room during study time.
  5. One of the best and most recommended ways to concentrate on your study is to do it in a group of at least with a friend having same subjects. A group study help making a better study environment where you compete with each other as well as help each other covering the topics ASAP.

Try any idea as mentioned above to stable your concentration.