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9 Tips for Acing College Application Essay

So, you are all set to enter a new phase of your life- the college life. You have worked hard in your high secondary exams to get good marks for taking admission in your desired college. But all thanks to the fierce competition in academics for complicating the entry into colleges. Now every student needs to submit a quality essay as a part of the application in educational academies. As the passing time, the task has become a legitimate concern for them, and they worry about it. The essays, then become an essential part of the students’ lives.

As you are here meaning you are also concerned with your college application essay. Now all your hitches will be solved as you reach at the end of the article. Let us begin discussing the tips and tricks which will help you in acing the competitive admission process.

1.    Organize the entire task-

Most of the students tend to skip this and just tend to begin the writing process. But it is all which makes the entire difference. If you are a novice in writing, then you must not overlook this step as it will stress and frustration. If you want to save your time, you must organize your writing. I know I might be sounding absurd to you by saying it, but you can try this. Organizing will save you from doing any significant rewrites giving you confidence through the writing process.

How to do it?

•    Brainstorm your anecdotes
•    Know how lengthy each paragraph should be
•    Create a rough outline
•    Schedule every day before the submission day

2.    The shift from ‘telling’ to ‘showing’-

Act smart and outshine the competition by changing with time. It was easier to write an essay in the earlier times, but now as the competition has gone fierce, it is time to do something new. You need to show instead of telling. You need to express self-reflection and analysis of the situation. The teachers will be more interested in knowing the students’ perspective of a particular event rather than how or when the event took place.
It is time when you can hit a six and score better than other students. The admission officer doesn’t know you, and you can impress him by your viewpoint according to a particular topic. For example, you need to depict that you are in favour of public service. How would you do it? Most of the students will just tell the admission officer that they are interested in serving the public. But what should you do is show them through strong examples. Express these illustrations so that they envision the situation in reality.

3.    Keep a check on the words you use-

You should know that you can play with the content you write by making a good choice of the words you write in the essay. When we are talking about the admission process, then using the words which reflect your command on the vocabulary used at the college level.
Tip-Check the meaning of synonyms before using. Even the synonymous have different shades of meaning. Check their usage in a particular sentence. Most of the students overdo the use of the complex words in their essay in order to make it a technical one. But using plain language will help and save your content from looking comical to the reader.

4.    Know why you are asked to apply essay-

The main purpose behind assigning such a task is to get to know you better. If you don’t want to miss any chance of getting into your desired college, then you need to make sure to remember to address these 3 core topics while writing the content of the essay. It is who you are, what is the thing which drives you and the most important, why the admission officer should consider you over others.

Dive in the competitive college world keeping in mind these three questions, and you would sound confident in your writing. You need to be specific in each of these topics.

5.    Read the college guidelines-

There are several colleges which choose those students’ whose research of their courses can be seen in their writing and their style is as per the guidelines. So, you can go through the website of the college before penning down the essay.

6.    Don’t lose your authenticity-

Some students try to fake their personality in the essay without knowing the fact that the admission officer can ferret out a fake. So, be yourself and write something that is important to you. It can be anything, a book, an experience or a person. If you would choose such a topic which has had an impact on your life, then you would be able to write it from your heart and express your thoughts and views properly.

7.    Don’t hesitate to ask for help-

In many countries, there are essay writing services available which help the students in submitting an error-free and high-quality essay in their college. You can hire an essay writer from such online platform and succour all your quandaries which arise due to the lack of skills which are required for writing an essay.

8.    Repetition is a big no-

Make sure you put across every point only once. Many students have been found doing so in order to reach their minimum word count. But it is strictly a no now. Moreover, you need to take care of what you write in your application essay or personal statement. It should neither contradict your views which you represent in the application nor repeat it.

9.    Get it edited-

Rather than editing the content all by yourself, ask your friend to do it for you. If possible, reach to a college counsellor or any of your teacher to check it for any possible errors.

These are 9 easy and quick tips which can help you in building the empire of your dreams by landing you in your desired college. Follow them and reach success zenith.

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