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Peppercorn Dining Case Study


The following report would undertake the discussion on the key challenges and specific management issues faced by Peppercorn. The business organizations do not operate in a static environment; instead they are required to bring changes in the needs and trends of the industry and customers in the dynamic business environment. They have to make plans that can be used to support their business and ensure growth. They also have to implement different ways they can use to attract customers and improve their sales and business. The case study of the Peppercorn is discussed in detail in the content below. College or universities assign such assignments to the students. If you are also given such assignment and are facing problem in writing it you can contact or use Assignment Help USA for your aid. The organization Peppercorn Dining is facing specific issues in relation to productivity, employee morale and efficiency.

Issues faced by Peppercorn Dining – Organizational development

One of the main issues faced by the Peppercorn Dining is the problem of staffing. The organization is currently finding difficulty in appropriate sourcing of the employees who are organization who are well qualified and they are right for the job role offered by the company. In addition to this, the organization is also finding it difficult for attracting and retaining the employees or workforce for a long period of time. The company wants to improve its organizational recruitment and selection process and practices so that it is able to attract and retain the best talented staff in the organization. For doing this, the manager of Peppercorn Dining, Mr. Drew Randall appointed the OD consultants. The main goal of this organization is to find a way that is helpful for Peppercorn to make the work more pleasant and to make them efficient in making proper recruitment and selection process in the organization. The OD consultants would lay out an appropriate evaluation of the problems and issues faced by Peppercorn Dining and assessment of the problem-solving techniques. In addition to this, feedback would also be required to understand whether this method suggested by OD consultants is effective or not (Peppercorn Dining, 2019).

Data collection process

The consultants gathered information about the company by the methods of observation and interview with the relevant stakeholders. With the help of the observation technique, OD consultants helped to identify the information and knowledge of the operations of Peppercorn’s dining unit. With the help of the interview, the consultants were able to analyze the critical factors with the observational techniques. The consultants found the behavior of the employees in the organization and found that within the employees of the organization, there exists some tension. In addition to this, the consultants also found that there is also an issue of lack of communication within the dining unit of the organization. All the matters identified caused the inefficiencies among the employees who have resulted in low productivities among the employees.

Analysis of Data

For analyzing the data, the consultants followed Content analysis which is the most suitable method for determining the results from the interviews and observation methods. With the help of the content analysis, the data collected by the OD consultant would be effectively summarized in the meaningful categories. This helps to analyze the data in an appropriate manner effectively. 

Analysis of the situation of Peppercorn

It was analyzed that the managers of the Peppercorn Dining should have introduced the consultants to the employees of the organization because employees were resistant to provide sufficient information to the consultants. But the consultants well performed their tasks as they have goa clarity which has helped to improve the morale and productivity of the employees in the organization. With the help of the goal clarity, the efficiency among the group members was enhanced. The consultants were having a good sense of the responsibility as they ensure the success of the organization by evaluating the operations and current issues faced by the organization. 


OD consultants found the following outcomes that include-

1. There is a lack of information among the employees which has resulted in significant problems in Peppercorn.
2. The inventory levels in the organization were also inefficient. 
3. There were growing conflicts among the employee groups of Peppercorn dining. 
4. There was also a shortage of equipment that has reduced the morale of the employees in the organization. 
5. The cashier of the organization was also facing issues in the organization. 
6. The top management of the organization has inaccessibility in terms of reaching the issues or problems faced by the employees in the organization which creates a negative feeling among the employees that the management does not care about them (Peppercorn Dining, 2019). 


So, in a nutshell, it can be concluded that Peppercorn is facing lots of issues related to the attraction and retaining of the employees in the organization. For finding out the root cause of the problem, the company makes a contract with the OD consultants who would effectively undertake the activities to find out root causes and recommendations for improving the employee morale in the organization. 

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