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Problems That Students Often Face While Studying Algebra

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According to Alfred North Whitehead, “Algebra is the intellectual instrument which has been created for rendering clear quantitative aspects of the world.”
For most of the students, Mathematics can be a nerve-wracking subject, but if one has appropriate teaching strategies then students can get involved in the subject matter and they can have a better understanding of the complicated concepts.
In the domain of mathematics, Algebra is considered as the most imperative pillars. Getting some exposure to the concepts and principles prepares the students for a detailed study of algebra in later classes. It is very important for all the students to have a solid grounding in algebra.
Algebra is not only concerned with solving x and y but it is a way of approaching the problems with the help of variable entities and then reasoning them out logically.

Following are some complications that are faced by the students in this domain:

1.    Mathematical foundations are poor
The fundamental concepts involved in basic mathematics such as arithmetic and number theory are to be cleared and strengthened if you want to solve numerous algebraic expressions. You need to understand how basic math’s work, only then you will be able to solve the problems and understand the intricate mathematical concepts. You will make more silly errors and mistakes if you lack basic knowledge.

2.    The absence of clarity while cracking the basic equations
Study of algebra involves solving various equations. To be able to solve more difficult and complex problems, you have to start with learning basic and simple linear equations which involve only one variable. It will be challenging for you if you do not have a solid foundation for understanding the concepts to solve the equations.
If you want to have an in-depth knowledge of how to solve the equations, the simple solution is to think of the problem as a balance. Each side of the equation has to be balanced and the equal signs have to act as a pivot.
Follow the below-mentioned steps to solve the problems more effectively.
There are times when you see a problem and a roadmap is drawn in your mind which helps you in arriving at the solution. On the other hand, sometimes you may feel that you have not studied algebra ever.
While attempting the problem, there are some steps which can help in getting to the solution easily.
Make your perception clear
•    Try to figure out where exactly you stand when it comes to solving the problems.
•    When you are reading the question, be as precise as possible.
•    Try to recognize the known and unknown quantities.
•    Try to identify the techniques that can prove to be useful.

Divide your problem into a set of sub-problems
When numerous simple questions are stuck together, it often leads to a perplexing problem. There are times when you are not able to find all the variables all at once, but don’t forget that you can figure them out one by one.

Don’t ever give up on a particular problem
If you continue to examine a particular problem from different angles, you will definitely find an answer. Take out time to look at a problem and then try to solve it in a different way. Read your notes over and over. This way, you will arrive at the solution, sooner or later.

Create new styles of studying
As most of the study material nowadays are available online, you should make the most of it with the help of tools available online. By incorporating this, you can create new habits of studying like:
•    Instead of printing out the material, read the study material on your laptop or mobile phone.
•    By making use of online or offline annotation software, make notes on your laptop or computer.
•    Be clear about when you need to work offline and when you need to be online in order to download the required study material.
You may have a habit of marking your books and notes with a pen or highlighter. You can do this electronically in web pages and PDF documents too. For future reference, you can also bookmark the websites.

Digital learning
In order to help the students to develop the required skills and knowledge, the use of technology is becoming an important tool in today’s digital world.
Technology is increasingly becoming a vital tool for teaching.
Particularly, students studying algebra gets benefitted through, numerous ways of approaching mathematical ideas and processes. It helps the teachers to move away from the traditional methods of teaching that most of the students find less interesting.
Using technology to involve students in algebra and motivate them to cultivate the required skills will prepare them to succeed and grow in the future.
For solving the problems more appropriately, another solution is to take Algebra homework help that assists the students in eradicating all their doubts and problems and completing their assignments and homework within the stipulated period of time.