Research Paper and its Different Types

Research Paper and its Different Types

Research Paper

It is a kind of high-level academic paper. A specific topic is selected and research is done on the topic. Then all the process, procedure, challenges, merits and limitations related to the research are presented in it. The analysis can be done on an existing topic or can propose a new solution to solve a problem or provide an efficient method for the same. Most probably these papers are for scientific or technical purpose but other than this there are various types of research papers.

Other papers can also be written for Literature, Psychology, Social Science, Human Behavior, proving a fact, etc. These are also other famous types of papers apart from scientific studies. While writing such paper, remember that you should not rewrite the paper or paraphrase someone else’s document. The aim of the study is to prove a fact and check its authenticity. You don’t have to write a summary of other papers. Do your research and take help from other papers present online. You can search for research paper topics online and choose one topic to write the paper on it.

Different Types of Research Paper

Here are various types of research papers you can write, they are:

Analytical Research Paper

From its name you can guess that it is related to analyzing a topic or question. In an analytical paper, a question is introduced and the theories are described that answer this question. For writing such a paper it is important to examine the factors related to the main topic.

The content presented in the research paper should be supported by relevant pieces of evidence. For that you can find related accurate facts and stats and embed them in your paper. Now you have to remember that it is an analytical paper, which is why you have to keep it neutral. Don’t write about your perspective in its favor or against it.

Argumentative and Persuasive Paper

Argumentative and persuasive papers present the writer's personal point of view on the topic. Even though, personal opinion can be written but it should also be supported by logical data and facts. There is a slight difference in both the papers. Argumentative papers are used to describe a topic or debate in order to make the readers aware of both sides of the problem.

For example, if the topic is about gay marriage, then the pros and cons related to the problem both will be mentioned in the paper. Whereas, in a persuasive paper, the content can be written to convince the audience and to make them resonate with his or her personal opinion. If you don’t know how to write a research paper, you can ask your instructor for assistance and look for online examples and then write about it.

Cause and Effect Paper

This type of research paper is general and given to students at the basic level. The high school and colleges students are given to write such papers. Mainly it is assigned to the students to teach them how to research a topic, how to structure the content and the style used in writing it. The main questions in this type of research paper are “What” and “why?”. You have to select a topic and explain what are the causes and corresponding to it, what are the effects. The topic can be related to anything like global warming, shifting of magnetic poles, political arguments, etc.

Survey Research Paper

It can be guessed from the name that it contains a survey. For writing this type of research paper, one has to conduct a survey depending on the topic. You have to make a list of questions and ask the general public also called respondents and depending on their answer, you will prepare your paper. This type of research paper is usually used and written for sociology, marketing, psychology, advertisements, public health, etc. for such subjects.

For example, you can write a survey paper for “Does money makes people happy”, “What are the best methods of advertisements?”, etc. On these topics prepare a questionnaire and distribute in the public to get the answers. Formulate a paper on the basis of human behavior, interaction and answers about the topic.

Experimental Paper

This type of research paper is written to prove an experiment. They are generally written for scientific purposes and for subjects like psychology, biology, physics, sociology, chemistry, etc. The author has to explain his or her experiment in detail and provide a case study for it. It should consist facts to help your evidence provided. Analyze the experiment and provide answer for questions, you think the readers can impose or that proves the authenticity of the experiment. If you are unable to write such paper, then you can take research paper help from someone and get your task completed.

Compare and Contrast Paper

While this paper, one has to provide a comparison or similarity between two topics. These topics can be slightly or completely different from one another. You have to explain both the topics/ subjects first and then move to their comparison. Writing this paper can be tricky, hence, one must first go through the examples online and then start writing one.

Start making the main points and focus on them throughout the paper. For making the main points, you must invest a specific amount of time in brainstorming the subject. Structure your content and provide compare and contrast for the same. Give a suitable title to your paper and make sure to answer the question “why”. Reread it and make and rectify the errors made while writing.

Problem and Solution Paper

For writing this paper, you need to choose a problem and provide a solution for it. This paper is written by both the scholars and the students. You need to select a problem, explain the problem and the current methods that are used to solve it. You can either propose a new solution or give a blueprint with the help of which the existing solution can be made better. You need to provide facts and relevant details to support the accuracy and effectiveness of your solution. It is better to read the example and study others' work and then one on your own.

These were some different types of research papers that can be written by the students. It is not necessary that students have to write all of these research papers in their academic courses. The types of paper can vary from one subject and course to another. But it is better to be aware of the other types of research papers to gain knowledge.


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