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Role Played by Geometry in Everyday Lives

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Geometry is one of the classical disciplines of mathematics. The word geometry is derived from a Greek word Geometron where Geo means Earth and metron means measurement.
The subject is mainly considered as a practical guide which helps in measuring lengths, volumes, and areas.
The Father of Geometry, Euclid revolved this field of study into an axiomatic form in 3rd century BC. These axioms are still considered very beneficial.
Rene Descartes developed the concept of analytical geometry (the geometry which makes use of coordinates) and with the development of this concept, a significant advancement of the science of geometry was created. With the help of this concept, plane figures can be exemplified logically. It becomes one of the powerful forces for the development of calculus.
For a student who is studying in an elementary or middle school, geometry includes studying different shapes and their names, properties, and formulas.
In the field of geometry, there is an increase of distinct perspectives which has given birth to projective geometry.
But modern geometry is considered more advanced which has powerful connections with physics. It is also an important part of new physical concepts like relativity and other strong theories.
None of these has been able to alter the existence and applications of geometry in everyday lives.
Let’s study the role played by geometry in daily life
In numerous life applications like astronomy, surveying, navigation, and building,  geometry is utilized.
Some applications of geometry in everyday lives are mentioned below:

1.    Technical
Robotics, video games, and computers are some of the fields where the concept of geometry is applied. Handy concepts are provided to both video game programmers and computer users. The way that is created for the characters that move in the virtual worlds needs geometric calculations in order to make paths around the hurdles. The engines of video games are typically put into use with the help of ray casting which is a technique that by utilizing a 2-D map stimulates a 3-D world.  With the help of this form of geometry, processing can be done speedily as the computations are done on the screen for vertical lines only.

2.    Art
Geometry and art are related to each other in numerous ways. For example, the theory of perspective (which refers to a graphical demonstration of a picture on a flat surface as viewed by eyes) indicated that there is much more to geometry than merely the metric properties of figures. The perspective is considered as the base of the beginning of projective geometry.

3.    Astronomy and Physics
Geometry also plays a vital role in the field of astronomy. It helps in mapping the positions of planets and stars on the astronomic sphere. It also outlines the relationship between the movement of different celestial bodies.
If you talk about the field of physics, there is a close connection between the general relativity and Pseudo- Riemannian geometry.

4.    Geographic Information Systems
The concepts of geometry are also utilized in satellites and in GPS systems. It helps in computing the position of the satellite and the location of GPS evaluated with the help of longitudes and latitudes.  

5.    Architecture
Similar to other forms of arts, architects make use of geometry for a large number of reasons. Architects make use of the concepts of geometry to outline the spatial form of buildings. The concepts help in creating the designs of the buildings, its shape, height, and structure. The Pythagoreans of the sixth century made use of geometry to develop outbuildings and their surroundings by taking into account some mathematical, aesthetic, and religious principles.

One of the best examples of utilization of geometry in the day to day lives will be stairs as these are built by taking into account the angles of geometry constructed at 90o.

The concepts of geometry are also applicable in Computer Aided Design (CAD). It helps the software in representing the visual images on the screen.

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