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7 Challenges Faced by Programming Students

Programming is developing a solution for a problem by making use of programming languages and implementing their principles. The students studying IT field comes across a number of programming language. There are different sectors in IT like programming software, web development, Cybersecurity, databases, machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc. In many of these sectors, programming languages are used. There are different languages or different sectors like for software Java, C, C++, etc. are used, for web development, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, etc. are used, for databases SQL, MySQL commands are used, for artificial intelligence Python is used, etc.

If you are interested in any of the above fields or sectors, then ensure that you focus on the related language and master practical skills in it. There are many ways to learn programming fast, use these methods and acquire programming knowledge quickly. Practice as you cannot learn it overnight, there are many concepts that are complex like the pointers. It is important to focus on complex concepts also if you want to master a programming language. The only thing you need to learn is logic building and using the code to solve the problem if you know these two things, then no matter what the programming language is you can surely learn them easily and ace your programming assignments.

Challenges faced by programming students

Programming students are given a number of programming assignments to make their coding skills and make them aware of all the concepts. If you are not good in it and seek assistance, you can take Java Assignment Help online. If you are programming students, then you might have surely faced these seven challenges:

1. Lack of coding knowledge initially – When you are a beginner or just a student, it is obvious that you do not have much coding knowledge. Coding is something completely different from what we learn in schools or high school. But you don’t have to worry as you can easily master it. Initially, it would be difficult for you to understand it but gradually you can learn if you put your maximum efforts in it. Never see code as code, look at it as a simple English language if you follow this, you will notice how easily you are able to understand it. While writing a programming assignment, practice the code more than once so that you can remember the technique used to solve the problem.

2. Coping with new languages – This is a serious challenge, it is not only faced by the students but also by the programmers working in the IT industry. As you learn one language, a new language comes into existence and the former becomes more demanding than the latter. Even some students would have seen that when they are studying in college learning a different language but when they pass out, the languages they studied becomes less demanding and hinders their employment opportunities. The only way to stay competitive in this technical world, you have to keep learning new languages alongside.

3. Debugging – Debugging is resolving the errors. For beginners, it is quite common to make errors in code and then have difficulty in debugging it. Solving errors is not that easy but the compilers these days give full information about the error and mention its row and column number. So, when you see an error don’t panic, read the error and try to solve it. If a program is given to you as a programming assignment, then solve it first if an error occurs read the error or try to search online for its solution. If you are still not able to solve it, then ask your instructor the next day.

4. Modifying other people’s code – Modifying or changing someone else’s code can be really difficult. For example, you get a programming assignment to make a calculator using switch case. If you search online, you will see that there are a number of codes present there and most of them will be really complex to understand. If you need help for such assignments, you can take Python assignment help and get your task done.

Otherwise, in this case, students must not get scared looking at the code, spend more time reading the code. As stated earlier, if you code as a normal language, you will be able to understand it quickly. Try to understand – the declared variables? Why are they described? What logic is applied to get which outcome? If you for these answers, you can comprehend someone else’s code easily.

5. Time management – Initially making judgments about the time taken to solve a problem will go wrong. Beginners take more time to solve a problem as they are not well-versed with the code. While solving a programming assignment, the student thinks that it will not take more than an hour. But once, the students stuck at a problem, a lot of time is wasted on solving those problems. Beginner students are not aware of this and mismanage their time but if you practice solving a program on a daily basis, you can easily judge the accurate time required to solve a problem.

6. Structure of code – While solving a problem it is required to structure the code accordingly. It depends on the problem, how to structure the code. If you have to calculate two things, then you have to decide according to the problem, which thing will be calculated first and second. College-level programs are usually unstructured but if you have to work in the industry, you need to learn this skill. As in industry, you have to follow and implement a proper structure of code in your program. Hence, search online or ask your teacher, how to structure the code.

7. Secure code – It is important to secure your code. Making the code secure is not much mandatory in colleges. Suppose you have to add two number and later divide it with some number, does this type of code needs security? No, it doesn’t. But when you are developing complex and high-level programs (generally project-based), you need to secure it. It is easier nowadays to make a project because the software used already have inbuilt security functions. Still, there are many techniques you can use to secure your code, you can search for its tips and tricks and try implementing them in your code (if possible).

These were some challenges faced by students in coding and programming language. If you want to achieve success in life, you will come across many hurdles. Similar is programming, there will be a problem at first but dedication and commitment can help you achieve the desired outcome.

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