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7 Easy Steps to Schedule Your Study Time

Your success in your academic life depends a lot how well you study. You need to study for doing great in exams, in-class tests, in the practical workshops and in the assignment writing. But usually there are so many subjects in a course that it becomes difficult to study for each of them at the same time. But you can beat this problem by making a solid study schedule.

Making a schedule for your study is not an easy task but if you can prioritize your subjects and other activities such as entertainment, friends and family then you can make a good time for your study. The key is to stick to your timetable when you make one for yourself. With a little effort you can create a wonderful study schedule and achieve all your academic goals.

  • Evaluate your current timetable

You must know how you are studying currently and will it help you to get to the point where you want. You must assess clearly that how many hours you are studying right now and whether it is enough or you need to change your plan of study.

  • Make a list of all the subjects

This is the first step of creating your schedule. You must list down all your subjects you need to study for the upcoming exams. When you will write your obligations on a paper, it will give you clearer idea how to go about studying and what all you have to cover for preparing well. You can also make a list of specific exams for which you have to devote your time.

You just prioritize your list according to the date of examination of each subject and their weight in the final assessments. You can also rank each subject according to its complexity. You should give extra time to those subjects which you consider difficult and time-consuming.

  • Keep it realistic

Do not get overwhelmed with the optimism when you schedule your study. You should realistically block time for each topic or subject. Do not make your study hours overcrowded with all the subjects. Keep your goals achievable and clear. It will also help you to stay unexhausted from a confusing and burdensome schedule. Therefore it is recommended that you start studying as early as possible because then you have plenty of time to devote to every subject.

  • Block time for each subject

Along with making a list you should also know that how you need to prepare for a certain subject. You must give every subject enough time so that you can complete the syllabus early. The reason for completing your reading early is simple, you must have enough time for your revisions also. You can divide your time according to the following essential activities to make the most out of study time:

  1. First you have to reserve time for reading the topics and concepts.
  2. Then it is essential that you take down notes while you are studying. These notes will help you at the end of your preparation time. So, it is advisable that you block time for notes making also.
  3. Third comes the revision time. It is important that you take time and review that you have studied so far.

You should create your study schedule in such a way that you can devote enough time for all these activities of preparation.

  • Reserve some time for other activities also

When you are in the process of blocking time for your study, you must also include the non-academic activities also in your schedule such as time for your family, your friends and for taking rest. It is highly important that you create a balance between your studies and other relaxing activities. For succeeding you must be able to balance your personal and academic or professional life.

  • Make plan according to your learning style

Some students like to study in the morning and some like to study at night. Some of us learn faster by reading and writing and some of us learn by practising. We all have different learning styles and this makes huge impact on our success. Therefore you should understand your learning style and according to that only, you should plan your preparations. If you like studying in the mornings, wake up as early you can use all those quiet hours for your study. If you like studying by discussing, you can plan group study with friend.

  • Do not exceed your break times

Taking breaks is as essential as studying. But make it sure that you take smaller breaks and stick to them Do not exceed your break time. If you will do so, your whole schedule will get disturbed and you will not be able to achieve your target.

You can reach heights of the success if you will plan your studies and remain honest about it. This is only for your good and will benefit you in the long run also. Once you will come into the habit of scheduling your activities, you will also succeed tremendously in your professional life.

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