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7 Effective Steps to Writing A Good Essay

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Writing a good essay sometimes becomes a problem for the students. Almost all the educational institutions have essays as one of the major parts of the education to the students. To write a good essay, the message that is to be conveyed through the content must be clear. For this, the organization of the key points needs to be done, along with suitable arguments. The perspective of the reader must be kept in mind at the time of writing the essay. Don’t go for the type of essay that will create boredom for the reader. If the students are unaware of how to approach writing, the following tips can be helpful:

1.    Select an appropriate topic
You may have the topic that might have already assigned to you, or you may be given the freedom of choosing the topic of your own choice. After the topic has been chosen, next, you must think of the type of paper that you need to produce – may it be generic or subjective. The amount of work is reduced once you have been assigned the topic. A little more effort needs to be put in, as there is a need for the appropriate title to be selected to write on. Proper research needs to be done on the topics that you find interesting. Always try to go for the subject that you find exciting and enthralling to work on.

2.    Prepare a framework of all your ideas
Proper organization of the thoughts and ideas needs to be done initially, in order to write a successful essay. Just take a paper and pen, and jot down all the ideas that are running in your head. With this, you are able to create links between the ideas. Organize the key points and write down the title on the top of the sheet of paper and begin to work on the other ideas related to the subject below it.

3.    Write your thesis statement
At this point, you are ready with the title and the various ideas that have been organized related to the different categories. After this, you must create a thesis statement. It is the thesis statement that will help the reader in explaining the point of the essay you are writing. The thesis statement comprises of the two parts: first will cover the topic, and the second will have the points of the essay. Always try to make use of short sentences and don’t go into for the longer ones. Avoid the usage of the words more than once in a single statement. Don’t use the words that are complicated and complex. Also, try to skip the novel terms and only focus on the key concepts of the essay. Simple English language must be used so that all types of readers are able to read it in an effective manner.

4.    Write the body
Now, comes the body of the essay. It is the body of the essay that explains, argues, debates or describes your subject. Every idea that has been mentioned in the framework, will create a separate segment in the body of the essay. Every paragraph in the body of the essay will have some base structure. Make use of the smaller ideas to exaggerate the information that is to be filled up. Begin with the open sentences while starting with a new paragraph. Don’t go in for long paragraphs. The lines used must be short and crisp. Try to make use of the questions by using, “how?”, “what”, “when”, “why”. With this, even the reader gets a chance to think for an instance about the question and this will help the reader to get involved in the content of the essay.
While writing up the information, make sure that the type of information that is being used is appropriate and relevant. In case, you have used some facts and figures in the essay, ensure that they are true and fair according to some specific study. Every statement that you have used in your essay should not be contradictory. The essay must work on a single side so that the reader doesn’t get confused.
The body of the essay should force the reader to get involved in the text so that even the reader gets connected with the subject.

5.    Write the introduction
Now, the thesis statement, along with the body of the essay is prepared, introduction needs to be written. The introduction must be written in such a way that it grabs all the attention of the readers and will have a great focus on the essay. In order to make the introduction, appealing, you can go ahead for a dialogue, a quote or simple summary with regard to the topic.

6.    Write the conclusion
In the end, after all the information has been added in the essay, the essay needs to end up with a suitable conclusion. The conclusion brings a closure to the essay by summing up all the ideas and thoughts that you have provided in the content. Three to five strong sentences are enough for the conclusion.

7.    Add final touches
After writing the conclusion, don’t think that the essay is complete. There are some final touches that need to be given to the content that you have written. Make sure that the paragraphs are in order. Make sure that the content is working in the correct sequence, and not haphazardly that will ruin the pattern style of the essay. Recheck that the essay is in the required format. Make good use of the words and phrases that will help in connecting with the ideas. Make sure that all the grammar and spelling are correct.