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7 Simple And Effective Ways of Setting Goals

Goals give our life a direction. When we want to achieve anything, we generally plan for it. Goals are the plans you make for your future. Goals are important to move forward in life. It is highly important to understand the significance of the goal setting in our life. But this would be helpful when this knowledge will be applied properly. 

Some people achieve their targets and few remain struggling with them forever. Actually the main reasons for not being able to get to the desired result are the lack of dedication and vagueness in the goal setting. Goal setting is as important as achieving them. 

Reasons why it is necessary to set goals 

To become successful, not only in the professional life but in the day today chores also, it is highly recommended by the experts to set clear and crisp goals and sticking to them until their achievement. The main reasons defining the importance of the goal setting are as following: 

  1. Clear goals help us to focus on our targets. When we know what we exactly want to achieve in a day or in six months, we consciously work towards it.
  2. If we set targets then we make ourselves able to measure our progress. We can keep the track of our performance.
  3. When we visualize our target in front of us, it gives us the drive to work hard towards your goals.

Let's discuss various techniques which help us to set achievable goals and accomplish them within the time frame. 

Be Very Specific

Your goals must give you very specific results. You must make up your mind what exactly you want to achieve and how would you do that. Whether it is health regime, academic writing task, professional target or personal goal, you must make it very specific. 

For example if you want to set a target of running, then specify the exact time say 6”clock in the morning, and the place where you will go for running also. Along with that tell your brain very clearly that how many kilometres you would run each day. If you will think that you are going for a morning jog next day without these specificities then you would never be able to make it. 

Make Sure Your Goals Are Measurable

Do not just think about something and make it a goal. If you will not be able to measure the success of the result, then setting the goal in itself will be a waste of time. Therefore whenever you set a goal for yourself, always make it quantifiable. For example rather than telling yourself that you will study for your exams, you must tell yourself that you will read two chapters tomorrow. Then you will be able to judge whether you have achieved your target at the end of the day or not. 

Be Realistic While Setting Targets

When we set goals we sometimes become over-optimistic and set unrealistic goals. It is very important to take care about all the little or big things which will be required for attaining your target. It might be the availability of the enough time, skills, knowledge and understanding, and other resources. 

Prioritize Everything

You will be having many different goals at a given point of time. It is not possible to achieve all of them at the same time. So it become crucial to prioritize your goals according to their urgency and importance. Complete those tasks before others who have a nearby deadline. You can also demarcate your goals according to their importance also. You must make list and keep the most important tasks on the top of it. 

Break the Big Task into Small Doable Tasks

There are many bigger tasks which seem intimidating in the first glance. For example the tasks like dissertation writing or increasing the sale up to 20 % at end of the year seem quite terrifying in the beginning. But if you will break down these tasks in the smaller achievable subtasks then they will be easy to achieve. When you will achieve a small task off your to-do list, it will automatically motivate you to take up the next task of your list and achieve that too in the given time limit. 

Start With Easier Targets First

You must always start with the easier goals first. When you achieve goals how small they might be, your brain gets into the habit of working towards achievements. You will feel confident to start the bigger tasks also after realizing the smaller ones. With time you must increase the intensity of your targets. It will also help you to extend your limits to the next level and will make you a winner in whatever you decide to do. 

Make Lists of Goals and Achievements

When you create a to-do list of the things you need to complete to achieve certain target, you should also make an achievement list also. Whenever you achieve a target, delete it from the to-do list and add it to your achievement list. This will boost your confidence many folds. Whenever you will look at your achievement list you would like to make it bigger. 

Follow these simple tips and you will witness a high rise in your achievements. Your dreams will not terrify you if you will give them enough time and focus. So, set your goals wisely and keep working towards them until you achieve them satisfactorily. The above-written steps will help you to get to your desired outcome in the specified time.

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