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7 Types of College Essays Students Must Know

Essays are an integral part of the academic writing work assigned to the students at the graduate and the post-graduate level. Writing an effective essay is a critical task for most of the students. There are college entry level essays assigned to check the eligibility of the students for a particular occupation or college. In that case, the students often get confused in writing a prompt essay. Writing a college essay comes with a set of guidelines, requirements and instructions. Moreover, the application officers review several essays and according to a survey, only 7% of the college application essays are selected. Grabbing the attention of the admission officers is the main concern of the students. A lot of skills and writing abilities are required to ace the task. One of the most prominent is having adequate knowledge of the types of essays. College admission aspirant must know about the different types of essays.

Here are the most popular types of college essays that are assigned to the students:

  1. Narrative Essay-

You must have written a story in your childhood, writing a narrative essay is similar to it. Every time you have been asked to write a narrative essay, you need to grab the officer’s attention by showcasing your story-telling ability. Easy, right? No, the fierce competition in academics makes it a tough task. Moreover, engaging the reader in the story is of utmost importance, and it is a skill which is obviously not that common.

Along with this, the reader must find your essay useful and get some information. For that, you need to write the content in detail and use imagery whenever required. If the students find the task a challenge, then they go for college college essay writing helpIt is a common scenario of the USA colleges and universities.

  1. Expository Essay-

It is the type of essay which includes the student to support any point using real facts, figures, examples and statistics. It is said to be presented with a balanced analysis of the chosen topic. There are a lot of variations of the types of essays such as how to essays, contrast essays, comparison essays and cause and effect essays. Here, the students need to research and investigate the assigned topic and gather strong evidence. Another word for an expository essay is a research paper.

  1. Descriptive essay-

As the name signifies, it is the type of essay which illustrates the content in such a way that the reader can find it interesting and engaging enough. The main motive of writing the essay is to connect the readers with the topic which most of the students are unable to do. In that case, one thing which seems as the best solution is taking essay writing service from experienced professionals.

  1. Persuasive Essay-

The meaning of the word persuasive is convincing the other person with the help of reasoning and temptation. So, in that sense, a persuasive essay is the one which is strong enough to convince the readers and helping them to believe in a particular idea by making clear arguments.

  1. Report-

The type of the academic writing task which deals with outlining a case-study situation is named as a report. The students are assigned this in order to check their compatibility with any type of writing. It is written in a business format and is done the best when the entire topic is broken down into many small parts.

  1. Analytical Essay-

Collecting all the information of a particular topic from varied sources and then the different viewpoints are analyzed in an analytical essay. The key concerns of the essay are methodology, conclusions, findings.

  1. Argumentative Essay-

Presenting two sides of a controversial issue in one paper fall under argumentative essays. Here, the students need to present valid arguments without any bias and must include facts and figures.

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