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6 Common ASP.Net Mistakes to Avoid

ASP.Net is considered to be one of the most interesting and challenging subjects at the same time. This is one of those languages that have their target Microsoft Common Language Run-Time (CLR). Any language that mainly targets the CLR that has alot of features. Some of these include cross-language consolidation, high security and exceptional management. Likely, there are a good number of concepts that are complex but still the students have to study about. For this, assigning the assignments to the students is the best way of boosting their knowledge. This is because in order to complete the assignments, the students will conduct a deep research on the assigned topic.

Another thing that students must know is that writing ASP.Net assignment is not as easy as it looks. Lack of concentration and interest sometimes, leads and causes many problems as the students tend to make mistakes. Keep in mind that the mistake is not an issue but since they are unable to find solutions to these issues is the actual issue. To get through this, more easily, you have two options; one you may avail ASP.Net assignment help, and second that you may learn about some of the common mistakes mentioned below: 

Mistake 1: Using a Value Like a Reference

This mistake is often committed by the programmers of ASP.Net or of any other language. It has been observed that they are being in control of whether the values they have assigned to the variables or the references of the present objects. Even if you are unaware and don’t know if the object you are using is a value or a reference type, you will surely tend to make mistakes.

Tip: If you will be depending upon the behavior that differs between the value and reference types in such a way that it has the skill of passing an object, then you need to make sure that you are handling with the right kind of objects. 

Mistake 2: Misapprehend the Default Quantity     

You need to know that in ASP.Net programming language, the values cannot be cypher. As per the definition, each and every variable must type a value. This will further come out with unexpected outcomes.

Tip:When you actually check about the initialization of the value, you must make sure that the value of the specific variable will have by default. 

Mistake 3: Use of Improper String Methods

In ASP.Net programming language, there are a good number of ways that can be used to compare the strings. Most of the programmers make use of “==” in order to compare the strings. But, actually it is considered to be one of the least preferable ways. This is so because there is no explicit specification in the code about the type of comparison that has to be done.  


  1. At the time of comparing strings that were put in by the user, you can use culture-sensitive comparison.
  2. At the time of comparing the programming strings, you must choose an ordinal comparison.


Mistake 4: Use of Iterative Statements

There are many ASP.Net programmers who don’t even know about the LINQ’s presence. This is one reason of using iterative statements in their code. Thus, even if you are making of them in order to influence the collections, you didn’t use LINQ that you could have used probably.   

Tip: In case of performance related scenarios, in which the iterative code is used just to make assumptions regarding the collections, you need to make sure that you need to do a performance while making a comparison between the methods.


Mistake 5: Failing to Consider Underlying Objects

LINQ is considered to be the most appropriate in order to abstract the calculations of the manipulating collections. There is no need to know about the underlying objects in a perfect code. However, the two LINQ statements that are identical may provide you with distinctive results when functioned with the same data.

Tip: Though LINQ is helpful, you need to know whether your statements would be translated to something.


Mistake 6: Getting Confused by Extension Methods

LINQ statements work on all the objects the execute enumerable. There are chances that even the professional developers who are seasoned with these methods get confused when there is a method with the same name on the object.

Tip: Yes, you can write your own method also. But, keep in mind that the extension method cannot refer the protected method of class.


ASP.Net is a flexible language that has many paradigms and mechanics that further boosts productivity. This is one big reason that learning this language is considered important. So, the above mentioned points are the mistakes that the students need to avoid while doing assignments.

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