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6 Steps to Write a Problem Solution Essay

Problem Solution Essay

It can be easily guessed by the name of the essay, that it revolves around stating the problem and writing the solution. At first, research is done on the problem and then it is introduced, all the aspects and elements related to the issue are discussed. Then the problem is explained and a solution or different solutions are provided. If more than one solution is provided, then they are evaluated and the one which offers more efficiency is chosen. Hence, in order to write an essay on problem solution, you have to include four main components they are – situation, problem, solution, and evaluation of the solution.

You need to make a problem solution essay outline first, it will help in writing a better essay. Jot down the main points roughly on the paper and then go through them. The once that are highly relevant must be included and the other points that are least relevant can be ignored. If you structure the essay beforehand, it will save your time and write it in the correct flow. An essay with the proper flow helps engage the audience and demonstrates good essay writing skills.

Steps to Write a Problem Solution Essay

Here’s a list of steps you need to follow while writing a problem solution essay outline. Follow this outline to write a proper problem solution essay.

1. Introduce the situation and problem – Before introducing the problem, state the situation. Tell the readers under what circumstances the problem came into being. It can be included in the introduction part of the essay. If you explained it initially, then do not mention it in the body paragraph. For example, if you are discussing the gender inequality problem, then first explain the situations where it occurs and then lead to the main problem.

2. Structure your essay – The structure of the essay decides whether the reader will go through it fully or not. Usually, the structure consists of an introduction, body, and conclusion. You can make a flow in these three parts. Take a rough page and write down the thing you will describe in the introduction, then note down the problems to be discussed in the main part and so on. Make the problem solution essay outline first and then write the actual essay to achieve a better flow.

3. Research the problem thoroughly – Once you have selected a topic to discuss, conduct thorough research on it. Find out the problem, which situations lead to the main issue. Find out real stories and incidents that support the existence of your problem. Use these examples in the essay and do not forget to mention the sources. Some readers might be interested to find out about the story in detail and hence, they can use the source you mentioned. It will also help the readers to check the reliability of your content.

4. Provide a few solutions – After discussing the problem systematically, list some of the solutions. There are number of methods to solve a problem, hence, you can describe more than one method to solve the problem. Giving more than one solution will allow the audience to make a choice, they can use the solution according to their choice. Search online for problem solution essay examples and read them to get an idea, then you can draft your own essay.

5. Give examples to support your solution – It is important that you give examples to support the solutions. When you give a solution, explain it with the help of an instance, tell the readers how your solution can be implemented to solve a problem. If there are more solutions, then provide an example for each one of them. Examples, not only help in understanding the concept clear but will also give the readers an idea, how to gain results using the solution. Before writing these examples make an outline and then use them in writing an essay on problem solution.  

6. Conclude – In the end, you have to conclude them discussion started above. Usually, in the conclusion part, the main focus is given on the problem and solution provided. You have to rephrase the thesis and go through the main points once again. Then give a bottom line to the readers. Search for problem solution essay outline online and check how others have written the essay and conclusions. Take an idea from it and write it in your own wordings.

By following these small steps, you can write an excellent problem solution essay. For your help here are some problem solution essay example topics. You can write an essay on them and practice them.

Topics for Problem Solution Essay

• Should tobacco be fully banned?
• How to prevent global warming?
• Whether or not sports should be made mandatory in schools and colleges
• How to get out of depression?
• How can racism be eradicated?
• Methods to handle illegal immigration
• How to eliminate human trafficking?

Write an essay on these topics for practice and improve your essay writing skills.

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