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Some Amazing and Easy Science Experiments That Can Be Performed at Home

Home Blog Some Amazing and Easy Science Experiments That Can Be Performed at Home

Want to perform some amazing experiments but can’t because you don’t have a laboratory.
Don’t worry.
Following is a list of some experiments that you can perform by making use of materials that can be easily found in your cupboards. You can also take Science Homework Help if you are facing any difficulty related to science experiments and procedures.

1.    Making slime
For having a good time with chemistry, there is no need to have a laboratory and esoteric chemicals.
For making slime, there are numerous recipes. You can choose any one depending on the availability of the ingredients and the type of slime that you want.
Ingredients that are required to make slime:
•    Borax powder
•    Water
•    120 ml glue
•    Bowl
•    Teaspoon
•    Measuring cup or jar
•    Food coloring

How to make slime
1.    In a jar, pour the glue.
2.    Put water in the empty bottle of glue and then mix it into the glue.
3.    If you don’t want your slime to be opaque white, then add food coloring.
4.    In a separate bowl, add 240 ml of water and 1 teaspoon of borax powder.
5.    Mix the glue mixture and borax solution slowly.
6.    Place the slime on your hands and squeeze till its dry.
7.    The more you will play with the slime, the more it will become firmer.
8.    Have fun.
An important tip: Take a zip-lock bag and store the slime in it. Then put the bag in the fridge in order to prevent it from developing mold.

2.    Creating a Mentos and diet soda fountain
The eruption of Mentos and diet soda is very powerful. It has the capacity to produce jets of soda several feet high.
The ingredient that is required:
•    Mentos candies
•    2-liter bottle of diet soda
•    Index card
•    A mop for cleaning
•    Test tube
How to perform the experiment?
1.    Collect all the required ingredients.
2.    Don’t forget to make use of carbonated beverage.
3.    Stack all the candies. You can pile up the candies in a narrow test tube so that a single column can be built.
4.    On the opening of the test tube, place an index card.
5.    Open the bottle of diet soda/carbonated beverage. Set the things up as the eruption happens rapidly.
6.    Once you are ready with all the ingredients. Do it.

3.    Discovering penny chemistry
In order to discover some properties of metals, make use of pennies, nails, and other household items.
Ingredients that are required:
•    20-30 dull pennies
•    1 teaspoon of salt
•    ¼ cup of white vinegar also known as dilute acetic acid
•    1-2 clean nails
•    1 shallow plastic bowl or clear glass
•    Measuring spoons
•    Water
•    Paper towels
How to perform the experiment?
1.    Take a bowl and put salt and vinegar into it.
2.    Stir the material until the salt gets dissolved.
3.    Take a penny and dip it halfway into the liquid. Hold the penny for about 30-40 seconds.
4.    After that, dump all the pennies into the liquid. Let the pennies rest in the liquid for 5 minutes.
5.    Continue instant corrosion.

4.    Making invisible ink at home
You can make non-toxic invisible ink by making use of baking soda because it is safe for kids.
Ingredients that are required:
•    Paper
•    Water
•    Baking soda
•    Paintbrush
•    Lightbulb
•    Measuring cup
•    Purple grape juice (it is optional)
How to perform the experiment?
1.    Mix water and baking soda equally.
2.    Use the baking soda solution as ink and write something on paper by making use of a paintbrush or toothpick.
3.    Let the ink get dry.
4.    By holding the paper up to a light bulb, you can read whatever you have written. You can heat the paper by ironing too.
5.    Because of baking soda, the writing on the paper will turn brown.
6.    You can also paint the paper with purple grape juice. This way the writing will appear in a different color.

5.    Making ice- cream in a plastic bag
There is no need for an ice-cream maker or freezer. This is a science project that is fun and tasty at the same time. This experiment helps in exploring freezing point depression.
Ingredients that are required:
•    ½ cup of milk
•    ¼ cup of sugar
•    ½ cup of whipping cream
•    ¼ teaspoon of vanilla
•    ½ to ¾ cup of rock salt or table salt
•    2 cups of ice
•    1 ziplock bag
•    Thermometer
•    Measuring cups and spoons

How to perform the experiment?
1.    Take a zip lock bag and add ¼ cup of sugar, ½ cup of milk. ¼ teaspoon of vanilla, and ½ cup of whipping cream. After that, seal the bag properly.
2.    Take a gallon plastic bag, put 2 cups of ice.
3.    In order to measure the temperature of the ice in the bag, make use of a thermometer.
4.    Add ½ cup to ¾ cup of salt into the ice bag.
5.    Take the sealed quart bag and then place it inside the gallon bag.
6.    Rock the gallon ag gently. Holding the bag by the top seal is the best option as it will be cold that can damage your skin.
7.    Open the gallon bag. After that, make use of the thermometer in order to measure the temperature of ice and salt mixture.
8.    Eradicate the quart bag, serve the contents into cups.
9.    Enjoy!