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Step-by-Step Help for College Essay

Everyone loves reading stories, which are well told. Sometimes students have good stories about themselves to tell but that just aren’t well told. Students know their aim i.e. to make a great story in college essay, but remember, all over the place guidelines, format and structure needs to be followed.

If you have a good story but you don’t follow the format, the college admission officer may see your paper to be disorganized and you essay will not make a good impact.

If you are seeking college essay help regarding the formatting of your paper, below is given the step-by-step format tips to guide you.

College Essay Format Tips:

1.Brainstorm the best moment from your life that had a deep impact, make sure that you collect real and personal thoughts.
2.If you are going to write about a single incident, use narrative structure and if you are going to describe multiple incidents from your life, use montage structure.
3.Add colors and details.
4.In the end revise your essay.  

These above tips are explained in detail below to provide you with more college essay help step-by-step.

Step 1

Brainstorm your thoughts

When you brainstorm the best topic from your life, you must be sure and think, is it the best topic for you? Try to choose a topic that is elastic so that you can talk about your skills, qualities, values etc.
Do you need college essay help to choose a great topic? If you have any doubt and want help, ask someone from family to assist you. When you are sure, you can skip ahead. Spend time on brainstorming, until you feel that the topic will reflect the deepest story/stories from your life. Once you have the topic about which you discern that it is everything you want colleges to know about you, you’re ready to move.

Step 2

Structure of your college essay

A good college essay, is either a deep moment that brought diverse change in life or a discussion of different elements of life. Narrative structure and montage structure helps in describing these two types of situations respectively.

1.Narrative structure:

The narrative structure is pretty reliable as it is time-tested. The basic elements of this structure are: status, inciting incident, and change in your beliefs or life, moment of truth, outcome or new status. To have deep understanding of these elements you can avail college essay writing help

If you have faced challenges in your life, this structure will work very well for you. How it works? Let’s see.

Status: The main character of the story is you. Establish your world in the beginning of the essay.

Inciting incident: Incite the incident that changed your life forever. Anything big happened in your life, like shifting with your family to a new city, a death of your loved one etc.

How did the incident changed your life? How you got out of the situation?

The next step is important because it raises dramatic tension, when you explain that you were bullied in new city and lead to financial problems, the death of your loved one left you in intense depression etc. You need to tell about the difficulties faced by you. Then the reader will wonder that, how will this person get out of this difficult situation?

Then the climax of the story is the moment of truth when you tell how you make it out of the problem. How you confront to bully, won a scholarship, pull yourself out of grief by discovering a passion? Many questions need to be answered.

Outcome: What qualities you come up with? New perspective, values, talents, skills, etc. Answer in a compelling way.

2.Montage Structure:

This structure works well when you don’t focus on a particular incident rather, reflects your qualities, talents, skills, and values through the essay.

What is a montage? It is a proficiency of creating an imagination in the mind of readers. From many fragments, a lot of information is conveyed in small scenes. The time is compressed to give glimpses of large whole. The black and white sheet of essay is juxtaposed into colorful imagination.

For example, I refused to throw dirt on my grandma’s coffin because I was not able to believe that death can steal a beloved life.

We opened the gray door of our new house, we were very happy. There was a big park opposite to our house.  

He surprised me with flowers and it was raining. I went out and danced in the rain.

Visual: The imagination created after reading these sentences is a clear visual that leads the reader to walk away with.

Talk about something, you remember a lot about.

Use a focusing lens to discuss about a wide topic connecting to the different incidents of your life.

Find out your essay by availing college essay help. Make sure you have a clear vision about the type of structure you are going to use.

Last step

In the end, read your essay to find, if everything is coming out that you want to tell to college admission officer. Is everything clearly coming out? Craft in the sense that you know the purpose of each paragraph, each sentence, each word, while you read the college essay.

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