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How to Write A Hook for An Argumentative Essay

How to Write a Hook for an Argumentative Essay Relevantly?

It is always said that to give the best expression of the essay, it is very important to start the essay with an exciting and dramatic hook. By the hook we mean, the theatrical question or angle given to the topic or issue but one has to be careful in deciding the hook of an essay and it should be noted that there should be only one hook in the essay. By laying a strong and solid bedrock to the topic of the first paragraph will help you to fascinate the reader in reading your essay material.

Writing a good hook of the essay starts with an angle which grabs the attention of the reader. Creating or making a hook can comprise a question, a perplex, or it can also comprise of a quote which will create an urge for the reader to read on what will happen next.

Let's see the various strategies of how to write a hook for an argumentative essay.

 How to write a hook for an argumentative essay

  1. Always resume with a question- Telling the readers to think about the issue and it will be a great thing to do if you want your reader to hear more. It can be any question like “could it be?” or it can be “why it is”? This will create a feeling of asking for more in the mind of the reader which will, therefore, help you to attract the reader in reading your full essay. So creating an effective hook is actually a factor of attention-grabber of the reader.
  2. Use detailed and illuminating words- It is all about making a picturesque in the mind of the reader by using detailed and revealing words which will connect the reader to feel completely indulged in your essay. Use those words which will bolster the angle of your essay. We can take an example of a topic like what children love to do in the winter season? Like jumping in the large, bathetic ice puddles which is definitely a topmost thing everyone loves to do in the winters, but nothing can beat the pleasure of fighting with the snowballs on a chilled and blustery day. Here the use of various descriptive words like “bathetic”, “puddles”,” snowballs” show that using definitive words are crucial in writing the hook for any kind of essay.
  3. Make it more like suspense and anxiety- the best thing to do will be to leave it as a mystery so that the reader feels curious to know further. Include a few details and leave some details so that the reader keeps on thinking about the coming material. Let the audience make imaginations about the unexplained details. For example – “it was so noisy and deafening in the classroom that walls began to shake.” The reader will be forced to think about what is going to happen next. So, this is also a very intuitive approach for how to write a hook for an argumentative essay.
  4. Use imagination and practicality- Imaginations will work wonders as if you are expressing the material in the essay which may force the reader to make assumptions and imaginations. The reader would be thinking about the conclusions and effects of the topic further getting challenged by his imaginations. This will make your essay more appealing to the reader.
  5. Tell something humorous and funny- Talk about any funny situation or a narrative story say an anecdote which would be a great example of representing the hook of your essay. But make sure you don’t go out of the track or may get disoriented by the main purpose of the essay. One can also use a famous quotation saying by a famous personality, thought of the popular persons to make a good start of an essay. Also, mention some exciting and curious facts about your topic. This will undoubtedly capture the reader’s interest in reading your essay for sure.
  6. Stimulate warmth and empathy with a fact- According to the regulations of the format of essay-writing, you can stimulate the sympathy in the topic by including some shocking data. Stating a fact with a particular emotion like astonishment, anger, pride, grief. This way you will be setting the right mood for the essay which is a stunning strategy for writing hooks and speeches. Like for example ‘By 2070 we will be losing around 660 animals especially in Africa’. This is an example of a fact. Try to analyze the respective attitude to the facts you are going to present.
  7. Consider the audience before writing the hook of the essay- If you want to write something that may interest the audience and the readers. You will have to learn the interests of the audience. This is a great tactics to know how to write a hook for an argumentative essay.
  8. Be careful about the tone to be used in writing the hook of the essay- The tone is another very pertinent factor to be considered while writing the hook for an essay. For that purpose, you will have to know about the objectives of your topic you want to describe in the essay. Use the most appropriate accent and resonance for your hook if it is a contradictory, proactive, convincing, shocking or factual tone?
  9. Don’t use any common hook-  Don’t use any common hook for your essay it will be affecting the outline and structure of your essay.

So these were some of the most powerful and compelling techniques the will definitely answer your query of, ‘How to Write a Hook for an Argumentative Essay’.

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