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Things That Can Spoil Your Freshman Year in the College

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First year of the college? Then surely your anxiety level is at the peak. Every year a number of students from different countries and backgrounds arrive at college with high expectations. Your college that is an unknown place for you initially becomes your second home later for almost three or four years. Well, now if you are going to live here in the campus, then it is better to know the rules & regulations of the college to maintain a good image for the duration you are going to stay here.

Some students don’t know what to do exactly and what to not for a better freshman year. Here we introduce you to some things that you should avoid in the first year of your college.

• Skipping Orientation:
If you believe college orientation is same as your school orientation was, then you are wrong. Yes, college orientation is literally different and is the only hope to know what you will be regularly doing for three or four years. So, don’t take your college orientation lightly and attend it with an excitement.

• Bringing extra things to your dorm room:
Your dorm room is a place where you study and sleep, thus bringing extra things like stereo systems, extra furniture and unnecessary decorative pieces, etc. should be avoided. These things will do nothing but will distract you from your studies. So, prefer keeping your dorm room simple and sober so that you can concentrate on your studies in the room.

• Communicating only with freshmen students:
Almost students feel comfortable with freshmen students only and used to communicate with them only that is not a bad habit, but make sure you make contact with senior students as well. Why?  You and your freshman fellow are in the same position, thus when you communicate with your seniors, you can get an opportunity to learn through their experience. Moreover, you can solve several problems with the help of a senior friend.

• Skipping classes:
Some students believe it is perfectly fine to skip classes in the initial stage and take it as a way to have fun and enjoying their college life. Well, skipping a class is ok only if you have an urgent work, but not if you are skipping to play, watch TV or hanging out with the friends. Initial classes are the base of the subject you have to indulge with later.

• Not communicating with professors:
As a fresher, you may feel a little shyness while talking to a professor, but it is better if you can overcome this shyness soon. Why? Professors are the treasure of knowledge and useful tips for grading well in exams. Thus, communicating with them on a particular topic or subject can help you clear your doubts in an easy manner as well as they can also share some exam tips with you.

• Not preferring going out of your dorm room:
Sitting alone in the dorm room and playing games or watching TV is not a good habit, especially if you are a freshman student. Yes, it is your first year, therefore, utilise some of your free time to explore the campus, meeting new people and making good friends.

• Taking fewer clothes in your bag:
Some students, due to low burden used to bring a few clothes with them due to what they lost their time in the laundry room. This habit not only wastes your time but money also. Thus, bringing sufficient clothes with you is a better option to spend a number of days without worrying about the laundry mess.

• Not paying the required attention to your major:
Sometimes, students start taking more interest in some other activities or subjects than their chosen major. We are not saying that devoting some time to something else or another subject is strictly prohibited. In fact, it is a good habit to learn something extra, but avoiding your chosen or main major amid all this is what you should avoid.

• Paying full for everything:
Some students remain unaware that the goods are available for them at a discount and they keep purchasing things by paying the full amount. There are several websites that offer goods at a lower price, especially for students. You too can save a lot by using your student ID card to purchase goods at a considerable discount.

• Not contacting your parents:
Sometimes when students take steps in the college life, they often forget to contact their parents timely. They only call them when they need money or something else. Well, you might don’t know what your call meant for your parents, thus don’t forget to call them and give them complete attention and make them realise that you care for them rather than considering them your ATM machine.

• Getting into a serious relationship very soon:
You can say that it is the effect of the age that when students enter into their college life, they start feeling a need of a partner and sometimes get attracted towards a smart or beautiful fellow. When they get involved in all this they start giving importance to their emotions rather than on their main goal e.g. studies. This can affect their studies badly, thus students should avoid influences these feeling and should concentrate on their studies.

• Getting so much involved in other activities:
Joining clubs or sports is good for an extra curriculum activity, but sometimes students make these activities their first priority than their studies that can spoil their academic performance. Thus, be a part of such activities for sure, but without affecting your studies.

So, hope you are prepared to rock your college freshman year with the things you need to avoid.