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Things You Should Know About Studying In London

The two best known, Oxford and Cambridge, stoke the interest of many students, but they are far from representing on their own what England has to offer. In effect, others institutions less known but just as renown open their doors to the best students’ international organizations. I will introduce this to you! Most recognized English universities: Here is a little tour of the most recognized institutions in England. Warning! He is not often many universities coexist in an even city, with sometimes names enough close. 

  1. The University Oxford

The first university never created in the Anglo-Saxon world, the university Oxford has its place in the history of the education world, but also in the top 5 of the majority of rankings national and international. Nearly 38departments are up in the establishment and direct competition with Cambridge. If you have decided to study at a university in England, rest assured. It's easier than you think. 

If you have a bachelor's grades, it will be a plus and also certify that you have a good level of English. A 6 out of 9 on the exam of IELTS is something not too difficult Is it? 

Same is with France. It has been recognized and ranked by Academic Ranking of World Universities. The first university of French is at the 39th position. Yes, as always, being Harvard the first. Among the ten best in the world, there are four English universities on the list. In short, you do not do not cheat if you study at a university in England. 

That's why, the frequency of searching a college outside of our country increases, and the very good option is the United Kingdom. As I do you have said before, ranking world does not lie, England East is a very good destination. 

  1. Cambridge University

Competitors always have a word for the university from Oxford. Cambridge has been founded there are more than 800 years following the departure of some members of the university Oxford being returned in conflict with the city. The University of Cambridge has 31 departments or "Colleges". 

  1. Imperial College London

It was placed up in 1907; "Imperial College London" is as the name suggests a university located in London. Now, it nearly has 15000 students joined each year. Moreover, it is a part of the top 5 institutions of English, as well as the world's top 10. 

  1. London School of Economics and Political Science

The London School of Economics and Science is a university public created in 1895 in London. It is specialized especially in the social, economic, political and financial sciences. It is renowned for its academic excellence. Nearly 10,000 students join the campus each year in London. 

  1. The University of Durham (Durham University)

It was established in 1832 the University of Durham and is the third university to have summer created after Cambridge and Oxford. Nearly 16,000 students join the many programs offered each year. 

  1. The University of Saint Andrews

Located in Scotland in the city of Saint Andrews, the university is especially known to have welcomed the future king and the future queen of England. It was established in 1413 in as a first university Scotland. It is also a research centre particularly important at the international level. But it is especially for the quality of its teaching and it's some 1800 teachers that the university attracts. 

  1. University College London (UCL)

It was established in 1826, the UCL East a university public located in London. It has the largest faculty in the UK distributed through its 8 faculties. It has nearly 22000 students who join the establishment each year, making all particularly imposing. 

  1. University of Warwick

"University of Warwick" is a university public located in Coventry. Relatively recently, she was created in 1965 by the government English to loosen access to higher education. The university has 4 faculties, 29departments, and nearly 40 research centres. It is among the top 10 in the UK and attracts year nearly 20,000 students English and international. 

These institutions are not the only ones particularly recognized, and we can do to distinguish other high-level universities in England, among which: 

  • King's College London
  • University of Bath
  • Bristol University
  • York University
  • University of Southampton
  • University of Sussex 

Before leaving, it's better to speak fluent English. To study at a university in the UK, you will often need to provide a record. Also, take an oral exam, and prove your language level with tests, such as the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or the TOEFL iBT (Test of English as a Foreign Language Internet-Based Testing). The score required by each institution is indicated on its website. In general, "it takes 6 to 6.5 out of 9 on the IELTS test for the Undergraduate cycle and more than 7 out of 9 to enter the Postgraduate cycle," says the British Council. 

So, if you have the liberty, and a desire to study overseas, then do not waste your time. Make the grade, and reach success heights.

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