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30 Good Research and Writing Topics on Emerging Technology

Emerging Technology is a term used to define a new technology, but it may be referred to a new development in existing technology. Different new technologies that are currently being developed or will be developed over the next few years and will substantially alter the social and business environment. These mainly involve IT (Information Technology), wireless data communication, bio-technology and some advanced robotics.

During the academic year, students have to learn about different emerging technologies and assigned with different assignment and projects. Moreover, students are also given with research projects over different emerging technologies. For these research projects, selection of research topic is considered as a major challenge by students. It is very important to select right topic for the research to achieve good scores. The topic should be selected carefully which allows students to conduct the research appropriately and come up with accurate results and findings.

Below are some topics of emerging technology

1. Use of chatbots for preventing identity fraud by social engineering
2. Chatbots as a communication tool for digital marketing
3. Implementation of chatbots in the education system
4. Development of intelligent chatbot for the banking system
5. Chatbot System elaborating intelligent behaviour with the use of NLP
6. What is the gender impact of ICTs in education on access, attitudes toward and learning outcomes?
7. Role of Chatbots for the future of marketing
8. Security Management Framework for Next-Generation Robotics
9. Security and privacy challenges in the smart grid network
10. Challenges of big data in the cloud
11. Security and Trust in Cryptocurrencies
12. Security concerns and issues for Bitcoin
13. Security  and privacy issues in social networks
14. Security Management Framework in biometric systems
15. Challenges in Wireless Sensor Networks
16. Opportunities and Challenges in Virtual Reality
17. Impact of Blockchain Technology Platform in Changing the Financial Sector
18. Opportunities and challenges in Blockchain Technology
19. The rise of Augmented Reality: Future Applications
20. Deployment of Augmented Reality in Tourism Industry
21. Benefits and limitations of Computer-assisted education for students
22. SDN based industrial control architecture
23. Identification of scalability issues and suitable solutions for SDN
24. Implementation of the flow monitoring system in SDN
25. Investigation of cyber-security threats and security models
26. Cyber-security and its challenges in society
27. An Integrated Cyber Security Risk Management Framework
28. Risks and challenges of cyber-security in Supply-Chain
29. Cyber Security analytics: A predictive framework
30. A novel security framework for the security of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

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