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This is How You Can Edit Your Essay

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A good student always craves for achieving a better essay whenever he or she writes one.

It can be hard to explore the ways which can be useful to improve your essay, but one of the most useful ways to make your essay better is effective editing. It is always worth taking some time out from your schedule for editing your essay before you submit it to your professor. It could make a huge difference in your grades. It is always good to make sure that the structure and wordings of your essay are as good as they can be.

This article will let you become aware of some useful and effective tips to edit your essay.

By utilising these tips, there are less chances that you could go wrong.

  1. Initiate the process by creating the right structure

Try to take out some time in between completing your essay and initiating the process of editing. This way you can start editing your essay with a fresh mind. Once you start editing your essay soon after you have finished writing it, you might feel that you are not able to spot the mistakes as you are too close to it. When you start looking at it, it is suggested to first look at its structure. Thinking about the overarching shape of the argument that you have developed earlier could help to a great extent. Make sure that all the points that you have stated are able to take your essay towards a logical conclusion. Find out whether the order that you have followed to write down the points that occurred to you is sensible or not. Also, make sure that one point logically follows the another.

Also, find out that whether you are revealing too much information at the beginning of the essay or not. By following these tips, the structure of your essay can be enhanced to a great extent. You will be able to keep in mind the overall argument and also it will be ensured that the structure is put across the essay as effectively as possible.

  1. Try to trim the lengthy sentences and paragraphs

No matter you have surpassed your word limit or not, you must trim the lengthy sentences and paragraphs as these can be trickier for the readers to understand or there are chances that they might get bored. Hence, it is advised to keep the sentences to maximum 2-3 clauses or segments. If you think that a sentence is getting longer, then start a new sentence as a wall of sentences can be off-putting for the readers. Also, don’t forget to keep some space in between the paragraphs.

One of the ways to keep the length of the sentences reasonable is to getting through what you have written in the essay and then tightening up the words. If you are finding yourself writing lengthy sentences, looking for ways which can help in rewriting them in order to express what you want to say more precisely can help a lot.

  1. Don’t cram it with complicated language

Many writers are in habit of making use of thesaurus while they are writing something to swap the simple words with difficult ones. They are of the viewpoint that it will help them to look intelligent. But, don’t forget that sometimes choosing the wrong synonym can affect your writing a lot as in some cases even close synonyms have distinct meanings. Don’t use big words where simple words could meet your requirements otherwise, it will make your essay look pompous and contrived. Try to use as concise language as you can. But, that does not mean that you should completely avoid the use of complex words, it’s just that you should choose the words carefully and don’t involve in overdoing it.

  1. Don’t merely count on spellcheck

This tip is very essential. Using spellcheck will not help you in picking every single error in your writing. It will merely highlight some of the misspellings and typos. You will not find if you have carelessly used wrong words overall.

For instance, suppose you wanted to write a word ‘from’, but unintentionally mistyped it as ‘form’.

As ‘form’ is also a word, the spellchecker will not be able to recognize it as an error.

  1. Eradicate tautologies

A stylistic error which includes redundant words refers to a tautology. In this case, there is a usage of two successive words which have the same meaning. For example, ‘giant’ is redundant in ‘a big giant’. Here, the use of word ‘giant’ is enough to deliver the required meaning. Many students make use of such words very often as they think that this will make their writing wordier, but they fail to understand that it only makes their essay poorer.

  1. Use constant spelling

There are some words that have more than one way to spell. You have to make sure that you use consistent spellings. If you want to make it easy for you, use the settings on your word processor and then utilize the spellcheck. It will highlight the version that you have chosen to use. It also autocorrects you to the right version. If you want to write your essay in the UK English, make sure that the default language of your word processor is set to UK English.

If you think that the number of things mentioned above are too many and it is difficult for you to find the errors in one go, what you can do is to read your essay several times so that you can look for different things each time.

For the first time, when you have put in so much hard work and efforts to craft your writing, it may seem a lot to do but at the end, it will pay off with a polished piece of writing. If you still think that you don’t have much time to engage yourself in the editing process or you don’t possess the required editing skills, you can take essay editing service.