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Tips for Students Struggling with Time Management

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Rendering a very lively and exciting atmosphere, universities are the places that have a lot of activities going on and propose enough number of opportunities.  Studying itself is considered as a big time commitment but the number of students who are engaged in part time jobs are increasing to a great extent as nearly two- thirds of the students are funding their studies on their own.
With numerous demands on their time, managing their time effectively has become a major challenge.
According to an American study that was quoted in the Guardian, “70% of the students engage in procrastination- indicating that many students are struggling with time management.”
It is imperative to overcome the need of wasting time but for most of the students it is an extremely difficult task.
In order to honor your commitments and to deal with the pressure of deadlines, there are various forms of time management which are listed below:

1.    Take care of your health
Health is the foundation of a strong work ethic and managing your time effectively. It is very essential to minimize your cravings as these will always tempt you to move away from your desk and you will not be able to plan your day in an effective manner. To reduce cravings and to enhance concentration, sound sleep, drinking plenty of water, and eating healthily are some of the essentials. It will be a bit harder for you if you don’t look after your health as the pressure of deadlines will cause undue stress and will cause an adverse effect on your mental health. There is a vicious cycle which starts from stress leading to procrastination and leading to more stress. It is important to avoid it at every cost. Hence, it is advised to go to bed early, eat healthy food, swapping coffee for a glass of water, etc.

2.    Maintain a To-Do list
To classify and prioritize the tasks and activities assigned to you, the most helpful and effective way is to maintain To- Do lists. These are considered as the key to time management. When you jot down everything on a piece of paper, you will be able to get an overview of how much you need to do. In addition, you will feel satisfied while ticking on a bunch of items that you have completed. To-Do lists also helps in understanding the difference between urgent tasks and not so important tasks.

3.    Take breaks
To meet the deadlines, taking regular breaks while doing your tasks or assignments is very important. As considerable amount of intellectual efforts is required while studying, your brain requires some time for rest in order to consolidate the things that it has learned. This way, after taking a break, you will come up with new and creative ideas. But it is important to keep your breaks short and specific. You can make a cup of tea or coffee or can go for a quick walk.

4.    Become selective
Signing up for each society and club and going to the Fresher’s Fair is very easy these days. It helps in broadening your horizon and lets you get acquainted with new people. But at the same time, it is essential to not over- commit yourself. Before investing your time somewhere, first ask yourself is this really important? Will you be able to attain your goals? If the answer is no, then don’t invest your precious time there. Time management does not only mean to invest your time on the activities that you have agreed to perform but it also means preserving this precious resource.

5.    Make a routine
Habit is powerful and at the same time, it is an effective way to ensure that everything is completed and your responsibilities have a regular slot in your day. Completing the tasks and assignments will take less efforts if you are used to do the same thing every day. Initiate with the commitments related to academics. Make a routine of reading course calendars, lab timings, deadlines, etc. Time management will become effortless this way.

6.    Reward yourself
When you are able to manage your time effectively and tick off the activities on your To- Do lists, reward yourself. You will be incentivizing to do the exact thing the next day too. It is broadly suggested to work and relax in distinct places. This helps in strengthening the difference between the two and it will be easier for you to focus on the assignments in hand.

7.    Make intellectual utilization of your computer
Computer is a device that is used for work as well as recreation as Facebook, Instagram and Netflix are just few clicks away. Luckily, there are numerous applications like Cold Turkey and Detox which helps in blocking distractions while you are working. Also, try to keep your phone out of sight as smartphones are known for diminishing concentration.

8.    Take assistance
While you are busy in other important and urgent tasks, and have no time to complete your assignments related to tricky and complex subjects like mathematics, chemistry, physics, etc. you can take mathematics homework help, physics homework help, and chemistry homework help. It is a sure-fire solution to time management and handling the pressure of deadlines.

The strategies related to time management for the students should be created by considering the end objectives.

Following is an example of objectives related to time management that assist the students in creating a time table that can be followed by them while enjoying as well.
First goal: Take out time to study the material taught in the schools and colleges.
Second goal: Take out time to complete homework.
Third goal: Take out time for your friends and family.
Fourth goal: Take out time for recreational activities like watching TV, playing games, and using social media.
Fifth goal: Take out some time for your health like performing physical activities like exercise and yoga.

Creating a time table not only helps in managing your time but also helps in meeting your end- goals and hence, keeping you satisfied and stress- free.