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12 Tips to Improve Your Exam Performance

Study stress and nervousness can force even the brightest student of the class to underperform. The reason behind this nervousness is the lack of confidence and sometimes lack of management also. This can impact overall performance even after studying throughout the year.

Therefore, we always recommend that studying only or being a bookworm is enough to improve your performance in exams.

Here are some useful tips for you to improve exam performance:

1.    Leave The Bed Early In The Morning:
Exam Today? Show the courage and leave your bed before the usual time. The benefit of getting up early in the morning is, it keeps your mind fresh and decrease your stress and anxiety and let you concentrate on your objective.

2.    Eat A Healthy Breakfast:
Avoid leaving for the exam with an empty stomach, rather start your day with a healthy breakfast that can keep your brain working and can keep you active throughout the day.

It is also suggested not to eat something different from your routine. A glass of milk or juice with omelette, cereals, oats or toast can be a good option.

3.    Don’t Forget To Check Your Bag Before Leaving For The Exam:
It is good to ready your bag in the previous night, but checking your bag before you leave for the exam is suggested so that you can enter the examination hall with full confidence. In this bag things to check on a priority basis are stationary items, ID card, entry card and wristwatch, etc.

4.    Try To Reach Before Time:
If it is your first exam of the semester, try to leave for the exam before time. It will save your time for finding the venue even after unexpected obstacles like a traffic jam, transportation issues and some other disturbances.

Also, if you reach before time, then you can find your class and seat number without indulging with the crowd afterwards.

5.    Stay Positive and Far From Negative Thoughts:
Negative thoughts such as what questions will be there in the paper, will I be able to complete the exam on time or how will be the result, etc. are suggested to avoid. It is also recommended to avoid the company of those friends used to spread such negativity. Stay positive and enter in the class with a positive attitude.

6.    Don’t Start With Nervousness or In Hurry:
Got your question paper and answer sheet? Now, writer your personal information such as name, roll number, exam code and subject code, etc. properly. Take proper time to understand what is being asked and where and then write anything rather than filling those columns in a hurry and wrong.

7.    Attempt The Paper With Proper Plan:
It can be seen that sometimes students look disappointed after coming out of the examination hall with regret of not completing the paper on time. Thus, to avoid this regret, start your paper with a proper plan. How? Well, when you have question paper in your hand, take a few minutes to go through all the questions and now decide what questions you have to attempt and how lengthy an answer of a particular is.

This will help you manage time for every question and you will be able to complete the paper on time.

8.    Don’t Hesitate To Clear Any Doubt:
If you find any problem related to your question paper or the topic you are not aware of, then you can clear your doubts with an authorised person. It is better to clear the doubt at that moment rather than answering wrong.

9.    Start With What Is Less Time Taking:
Almost student suffers from nervousness before starting the exam. But, once you start writing your paper you will be able to overcome your anxiety or nervousness. To overcome this issue, you can start with the easiest question or questions that will not take much time to write.

10.    Don’t Get Stuck On One Question For Long:
Don’t get panicked, if the exam is not going as you planned. Sometimes it can happen when one answer can take much time of yours. This can resist you completing the paper on time. When such situation arrives, try to switch to the next questions and complete your paper, and then devote rest of the time completing that pending answer.

11.    Avoid Wasting Time In Breaks:
If you think that taking a short break of 5-10 minutes with a fake excuse after writing your paper constantly can help you refresh your mind, then you are wrong. Once you enter the examination hall, try to concentrate on attempting your paper on time rather than wasting your time in such breaks.

These breaks will not give any freshness rather will break your concentration and intensity that you were using before to write your paper.

12.    Keep Calm:
Remember, you can attempt your paper properly only if you will stay calm. Nervousness and over anxiety can even stop you doing whatever you know. So, keep calm and execute your plans and come out of the examination hall with a satisfaction.

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