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Tips to Tackle the Challenges Faced During Academic Writing

In the current age and time, the universities have shifted them towards the usage of various assessments tools for measuring the students’ capabilities. Conducting tests and examinations were the two obvious tools but now one more activity has joined the set of tasks assigned to the students which is academic writing tasks. Universities assign essays, reports, term paper etc which the students have to submit within the stipulated period of time. In desperation for solutions, students tend to look for reliable and cheap essay writing service as well as assignment help providers. For some of the students, writing an essay or submitting a research paper before the deadline is a challenge due to various reasons like:

  1. Lack of time
  2. Lack of proper understanding of the concepts
  3. Lack of interest
  4. Part-time jobs
  5. The burden of other subjects

Even if the students have submitted the assignments but still the fidgetiness doesn’t leave them as they keep thinking about the results.

Let us first talk about the challenges that the students face while writing an assignment:

  • Comparison with Others

One of the main challenges that students face these days is the comparison and competition with one another. There should always be a healthy competition but competitive attitude in excess leads to stress. If someone has done a good job and everyone is appreciating him, then the students start taking it in a negative way that they have not performed well unlike others. But the thing which has to be kept in mind is that you cannot be a winner every time for everything.

  • Work at The Eleventh Hour:

Leaving everything to the last minute is another problem faced by students. They tend to escape from the situation and leave the work for later. At last, when everything piles up, they feel stressed which makes the situation much harder to handle.

  • Doubt

Most of the students always doubt their capabilities. Even if they have completed their work, the next doubt that will arise in their minds will be whether they’ll score good marks or not.

  • Lack of new ideas:

Sometimes repetition of the types of the question becomes the reason for the students’ problems.

  • Lack of Language Expertise:

Students sometimes have great ideas to write. They know ‘what to write’ but do not know‘how to write’ it. They fail to explain their thoughts and ideas because of lack of language proficiency, which is yet another challenge.

  • Lack of Proper Knowledge:

Lack of thorough knowledge about the subject is another hurdle. Sometimes students do not take proper notes, are present in class absent mindedly, shy to clear doubts, which lead to hitches in concept clarity.


  • Students should take proper notes of everything that is explained in the class and should revise everything at regular intervals to make themselves well equipped with all the concepts and the chapters. This habit will make them feel confident and they will never feel stressed whenever the task of assignment writing is given to them.
  • Making notes in the class is not the only solution but students have to pile them up at the end of the week. They can make the notes in any of the following methods:

Mind mapping method of note taking is a method of representing ideas through visual diagrams and pictures. This method helps in brainstorming in which you can write down your ideas in a word or two and not in a lengthy way. It helps to understand the concept in a much easier way.


This is the most common method of note taking in which the students can make points in an organized way by placing the important points at the left and unimportant points at the right. In such a way, the level of importance of points is indicated.


In this method, students can write every new topic on a separate line by numbering each sentence. It is more useful as it does not involve large paragraphs but records all the required and useful information.

  • Another fix to the assignment writing challenge is to start early. Students should start writing the assignments as soon as they get it. Make a to-do list and start following it so that you need not worry at the last moment.
  • Stop comparing yourself with any other person and start working on yourself. Believe in your skills and capabilities and make a long-lasting impression on everyone. Always remember that you are an individual and no one can match the qualities that you possess.
  • Try to be proficient in English by practicing it regularly. Start reading, writing, speaking and listening to English and stick to it. Do not let anyone interrupt you.

Every problem has a solution and every challenge can be tackled through some efforts and by changing some of your habits. It’s never too late, start improvising and employ the above-mentioned tips in your life. Take your challenges as a part of your learning process and you will never have that fear while writing assignments.

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