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Tips to Write a Book Critique

What is a Book Critique?

For writing a critique, it is important for you to know what it actually is. Often students get confused in book review and book critique. Students must remember that review is an overview of literature or other work. Whereas, critique is an analysis and detailed study of the literature. Therefore, if you are writing a book critique, it means you are supposed to analyze the work of an author and evaluate it. If you are unsure about how to write a critique and don’t know the difference between a critique and review, then you must learn it first.

Things to Include in a Book Critique
Usually, for writing a critique, the same format is followed for writing academic papers, it consists of an introduction, the body, and a conclusion. You need to write it appropriately and with relevance.

Introduction – As the name suggests, in the introduction, you need to introduce the topic. Introduce the book you are writing a critique for. In this paragraph, you need to provide information about the author’s name, co-authors (if any), the main idea or reason for which the book is written. All these things must be written in a presentable format.

Body – Divide the body section in two because you need to explain two things, they are summary and evaluation. It is not necessary that the book you are writing a critique for is read by all members of the audience. It can happen that the readers are reading the critique to choose whether or not they should read the book. Hence, you need to provide a summary of the book and also you need to evaluate the book. For evaluation, you can make some points/ factors on the basis of which you will evaluate the work.

Conclusion – In this conclusion paragraph, you can sum up your critique. According to your evaluation and analysis, you can tell the readers about the book. You can also tell the audience if you agree and resonate with the author. Your conclusion should help the readers make up a decision and also help them understand everything about the book. Since, writing a conclusion is complex, some writers can have an issue in it. If you have some problem in writing a conclusion, then you can take help from an online essay writer.

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Tips for Writing Book Critique

Many students make mistakes for writing a critique, here are some of the tips that can be used to write a book critique.
Read the book – This is an important tip for those who have to write a critique. What most of the students do is check the summary of the book and according to that, they write a critique. This is not the correct approach, you need to read the book, know its element, characters, storyline, events, etc. in order to write an accurate critique. Simply, a summary will not help you in writing a book critique. Also, it is an example of a poor book critique writer. You might have read a critique which makes you feel that the author has not read the book properly. This happens when the critique writer has not read the work himself or herself. Hence, it is better to read the book first before writing a critique.

Summarize – If you are writing a critique, it is necessary for you to summarize the book. However, it is not important or required to write a summary for each and every topic discussed in the book. You can just focus on the main idea, characters, events described in the book. Do not search for the summary of the book and write it as it is. Make sure, you are following the correct method and writing original and relevant things.

Read similar work – Reading similar work can help you in learning the essence of writing a critique. Also, if you read similar work, it will help you in comparing the work of one author with another. This will help in writing a better critique and evaluation. Before writing the critique, you should read book critique examples written by other writers. In case, you have a problem with writing, you can take essay help to write a better quality paper.

Analyze – Analyzing the literature is significant for writing a book critique. The best way to evaluate and inspect a work is to define and determine the criteria. Make a list of factors on the basis of which you will evaluate the book. Examples of the factors can be characters, relevance, storyline, theme, etc. You can also give a rating to the book according to your evaluation.

Proofread – Lastly, after you have written the book critique, you need to proofread your work. With the help of proofreading, silly mistakes can be avoided. Also, grammatical, spelling and contextual errors can be mitigated or eradicated. Therefore, it is advised to always proofread your work before final completion.

These points will help you in writing a book critique. Don’t stress too much, take help from the internet and learn from examples. Read the book properly and come up with effective content for writing a book critique.

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