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Top 4 Tips on How to Stay Motivated

Most of the students start full of passion and then they are already abandoning. And why does this happen with us? Well, this will hardly have a single answer!
We live in the era of immediacy, where everyone starts with a lot of anxiety to finish as soon as possible, we all want the results as quickly as possible and we do not enjoy the step by step, of each conquest that we reached in the small steps we take along our day.

We are in the wave of high technology, and we have innumerable factors of distractions of all kinds, which leaves us with the feeling that we never have time for anything and we have a great problem to maintain focus and discipline.
Another factor that is one of the main reasons for the lack of motivation is the fact that we do not know how to learn!

But then how to get motivated?
Each person learns at a pace and in a way: To learn you have to be active and not passive! That is if only looking or listening without writing, without taking notes, without exercise will not lead you to truly learn!
Now let's go to the tips!

# 1 - Define study objectives and goals:

Goals are very important functions in everything in our lives, and they are the ones that provide us with energy to fulfil our objectives. Establish an objective and a time to fulfil. But it is important that it is something possible to perform.

Objectives without a deadline to comply remain empty and make us lose direction and consequently at some point we will find ourselves discouraged.

# 2 - Organize the studies and the environment:

It is essential that you are in a clean, organized, quiet and without many distractions away from televisions, radios, social networks and notifications of applications of smartphones and etc.
Our mind tends to work better when our work environment is also organized, clean and without distractions. This helps keep the focus.
Organize what you are going to study and the time you are going to study. (Important that the time you are going to study is always the same time and that it is at least from Monday to Friday).

# 3- Give a gift to yourself!

Let's say that you have established to study one day for 25 minutes with total concentration without distractions! This is a goal with a deadline, if you meet you must celebrate and I do not mean to spend money with gifts for you, you can celebrate doing something that you like a lot, as a gift for having fulfilled your goal, this can be a walk with friends, read a book of your liking, eat a sweet, attend the soccer game of your favourite team, watch a series or movie, etc.
The important thing is to commemorate the organized stages, the objectives and goals drawn and completed.

# 4 - Enlist someone for help

Now, if we stop to think and analyse, in traditional schools, there is just one method to teach everyone. Only that each of us has goals, desires and learn in a different way, how a method made for all will meet the individual objectives of each person?

For example, when you are working on your English skills, look for people who can provide English homework help to meet your needs. This will speed up and consequently, it will be easier to maintain focus and motivation.

The classes have to be following your interests and objectives. Not everyone enjoys classical music, or rock, not everyone likes science or biology. That is, the theme has to be based on your tastes and desires. This way learning will be more pleasant. And first of all, you must learn memorization techniques, emotional control, how to maintain focus, fast reading, and how to empower our brain.

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