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Using Technology for Taking Notes in Classrooms

Note taking with technology is the first thing which takes over the students’ minds who struggle using pen and notebook these days. You might have heard about the fight between pen and laptop. This article includes focusing on the advantages of using technology for taking notes in classrooms. What matters the most is the content for them. The students must have the skill of capturing good ideas and record them for their personal use during the times of examinations. Many people think that technology has dissipated the importance of note taking which is absolutely not true. The fact is the rise in the technology has helped the learners in getting the gamut of information useful in synthesis and organization of content. This will help in recognition of essential information useful in conceptualizing and memorizing new ideas.

Technology has not taken the fundamentals of taking notes. The most important change is the way of taking. Sharing and utilizing them. Some students find it difficult to use the technical advents but taking new digital notes also become the same as that of the analog notes. The key benefits of taking a step forward in changing with time and taking notes digitally are as follows-

  1. Everything at one place-

The students don’t need to look for different files and notebooks over different places. All notes can be found conveniently at a single spot. But I would say that you won’t be able to make an excuse that your dog ate your files. (Sad, no?)

  1. The option of audio files-

You can also record the notes and make audio files. This will increase the convenience.

  1. Ease of backing up-

Google Drive and iCloud are the two most important tools used for storing the notes. This leads to ease of accessing them anytime and anywhere.

Popular apps for enjoying the note-taking process are as follows-

  1. Evernote-

Founded by Stepan Pachikov, Evernote is a mobile application designed to ease the process of listing tasks, taking notes and archiving. The components which can be included in the application are voice memos, photographs, excerpts, web pages, and handwritten ink notes. It can be used in all the platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Android and macOS. There is a usage limit, and lifted items are available for premium users.

The popularity of the app has been increased and reached 12 million users.

  1. Notability-

One of the most user friendliness application for taking notes is Notability. If you are looking for the most sophisticated note-taking opportunities such as audio recording, picture incorporation, theme coloring, help in essay writing, an organization of files, easy handling and sharing of files and backup connections. This is an extensive list of facilities provided to the users of the application.

The app also includes the feature which facilitates the students in exploring more and more ideas by using different tools in creating hand-crafted notes and beautiful sketches. You can also finalize the minute details of the diagrams by zooming in on the specifications. As the tagline of the application, you would fall in love with note taking and enjoy it unlike the traditional and analog ways of doing so.

  1. OneNote-

This is an application by Microsoft used in computer systems and tablets. One out of the ordinary feature of this app is that it lets the users type and record audio simultaneously. Moreover, you can sync the notes with multiple people. The best thing is that multiple formats and tools can be used in the application. Off course, the notes can be accessed universally.

Have a look at the tips for using technology for taking notes

  • Good listening leads to the result of good note-taking. So, listen well during the lecture.
  • Sit actively in your classroom, clear your queries, ask for concept repetition in case you need.
  • Fast digital notes do not mean that the notes are better. You need to edit, organize and consolidate the information yourself and it would be easy.
  • Feel free to ask for help. For making the best use of technology for education, ask your teachers or watch tutorials over the internet.

These are some of the tips which can ease the process of taking notes with the help of technology.

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