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Want to Stand Out from Rest of the Writers? Do This

The truth of writing is simple yet profound.
Tafta Johnson Watson once said, “Everyone has something they can share. I’m not famous. I don’t have anything that would be newsworthy, but I have stories.”
You can read numerous blogs and books, the focus of which is on self-improvement, inspiration, productivity, business, and a broad range of other topics. But the principles of all are same which might make you think that,
Are all the writers are engaged in saying the same things?
How many topics are there on which a writer can write?
Sooner or later, all the writers just start to repeat themselves
Are they talking in circles?
What is the point of everything?
You might think that why should someone read your blog as compared to someone else’s blog?
The number of talented writers is very large, why should someone read or like your work?
What are the things that can you write about that are not only refreshing but also never discussed before by anyone?
In this article, you will find what and how you can write that will make people love reading your writing?
The experience of each person who is engaged in writing is unique
Every person has been through so many ups and downs in life. Each and every person has been on their own individual journey.
You cannot stop the happening of experiences to you. You cannot stop living as long as it is your last day on Earth.
That is the true beauty of everything.
What you can do is to share your experiences with your readers. The reason being, there will be so many readers who will relate to you. The greatest opportunity for you is to motivate people with your writings.
Most of the best writers seem to have more interesting lives. These writers have experiences that are unique and the best part is they are not afraid to share their experiences with the entire world.

That is vital though
You have to be brave enough to share your experiences with the world without being afraid of what other people might think or say about you. Just let your walls down and start writing.

Almost every writer is afraid of writing
There are some people who just conceal their thoughts and feelings in a diary whereas other publish books and memoirs sharing their feelings, thoughts, and memories.

You need to overcome your fear of rejection, the fear of being castigated and laugh at. Just go confidently into the night and share your thoughts and stories with everyone who is keen to read or listen to it.
When it comes to writing, you have had to learn how to be courageous. There are many writers who have shared several experiences throughout their lives and people love reading them.
Your experiences might help someone to grow and feel calm and comfortable with who they exactly are.
Move forward with the hope that your thoughts and stories will make a positive impact on your readers. Your writing might change the world. That is why it is important for you to be brave. Just try to showcase your writings in front of as many people as you can.
Just ask yourself these questions
Are you feeling courageous by sharing your stories and experiences with the entire world?
Are you letting your fear of rejection and criticism beat you?
Answer the above questions honestly because you might be able to fool everyone else but you cannot ever fool yourself.
If you desperately want to stand out from all the writers out there than you have to share your experiences, memories, stories, thoughts, and imagination.
So, go out and experience some wonderful things and then share it with as many people as you can so that everyone can learn from you.
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