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What is An Essay and Its 8 Types ?

What is an Essay?

An essay usually refers to a section of writing that has a particular focus on a single subject, but what exactly is an essay? The main purpose of an essay is to coax the readers by providing relevant evidence collected after comprehensive research. Essays may be formal or informal. The formal essays are academic in nature and further deal with serious topics whereas the informal essays are somewhat personal.
In order to succeed at school or at college, it is necessary for you to work on various types of essay writing. Your teachers and professors are there to guide and assist you in the way an essay should actually be. But, before you begin the essay writing task, it is important for you to know the type of essay that has been asked. Classification of the essay types is very complicated, because of which it is essential for you to know the type of essay writing.

1. Descriptive Essays

This is one of the essay types that has been designed with the major aim of describing the details related to the subject or topic. The essay may be on any object further describing its features as well. Undoubtedly, you may add certain relevant facts and description of the subject on which you have to write the essay. You can describe an object, experience, situation, emotions or person. Also, this genre will allow you the freedom to paint a vivid image in reader’s mind.

2. Definition Essays

A definition essay is another major type of essay writing. By the name, a definition is short and further confers the complex concepts in deep. Such essay types are mostly used to make a discussion on abstract topics. an extended definition is presented to the readers on a given word. An author can also present the personal interpretation of the word.

3. Narrative Essays

Narrative essays are a type of creative essay writing especially in the case where you need to tell a story. You need to ensure that this type of essay writing has a beginning which is then followed by a number of situations and lastly end up with a conclusion. The narrative essay comprises characters, plot, and conflicts.

4. Argumentative Essays
Argumentative essays are also known as the opinion essays are considered to be the most common essay types. You must know that at the start of the argumentative essay question, there is a statement and the task assigned to you is to write your own thoughts and opinions on that particular statement or argument in the form of an essay.

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5. Process Essays

This is one of the essay types that involves a complete guide to explain or describe how something is happening or has happened. It is very important to mention the steps of the process in the right sequence. Remember that writing the process essay in chronological order is the best way to get through this task.

The aforesaid types of essay writings are usually assigned to the students who are pursuing their academic courses in various colleges or universities. Most of them today, prefer to hire an essay writer and get their tasks done.

6. Discussion Essays

This is one of another essay types in which the writer has to perform a discussion on the topic that has been assigned. You don’t have to focus on a single side of the topic instead it is important to cover both the sides of an essay.

How to Begin?
• The first and foremost thing is to read the question wisely and find out whether you are asked to give your opinion or not.
• Note down certain points that are considered necessary related to the topic.

Essential Writing Tips

• Since you have to cover both the sides of the topic you are writing on, make use of relevant phrases so that the reader doesn’t get confused.
• Add points or statements in support of the opinion.
• Don’t make a mistake of adding your personal thoughts until asked.

7. Problem Solution Essays

Problem solution essay is an `essay type in which the writer is provided with a certain issue or problem to discuss deeply. While you write this type of essay, you need to come out with effective solutions for the problem or the issue you have been asked to make a discussion on.

How to Begin?
• The first thing you need to do is to read the question of the essay carefully and find out the problem or the issue that has been given to discuss on.
• Make a proper plan so that you are able to add and cover all the major points in the essay.

Essential Tips

Don’t make a mess while working on essay types. Make use of one paragraph to explain the issue or the problem and another one to provide relevant solutions for the same.

8. Direct Question Essays

This type of essay writing is considered to be the most complex one and you are asked a question, answering which you will be able, to begin with, the essay writing task.

How to Begin?

• Go through the question very carefully and highlight all the points that you think are important.
• If you are unable to find the right meaning of the question, you may break the question into sections and work on it.
• Make a rough draft of the answer that you will be writing.

Essential Tips
• Try to add 2-3 paragraphs in the essay.
• Make sure that one paragraph delivers one idea related to the essay.
• Keep in mind that the essay is logical and meaningful.



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